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5 Psychological Tactics That Marketers Need To Know

5 Psychological Tactics That Marketers Need To Know

5 Psychological Tactics That Marketers Need To Know


Most of the marketers at the digital marketing agency in Los Angeles are not psychologists, but it is essential to employ psychology to retain customer engagement regularly. Understanding consumer psychology plays a critical role in making viable business decisions. To do that, marketers have turned to psychology lets explain what the top psychological tactics marketers need to know are.  

Professional, honest, smart, and skillful marketers need to engage, attract, and compel customers to buy their products. 

Add an emotional appeal

Research shows that psychological and emotional appeal resonates more than function and feature appeals. An advertising copy that has a psychological component outsells as compare to the one that has functionality and features. Explaining how a new computer will improve the lifestyle of a customer will appeal to customers better than just demonstrating how it works.

A salesperson understands the power of emotional appeal. If he’s going to sell a mattress, he will talk less about what is that made up of and talk about how it’s going to give them a good night’s sleep.

Highlight some flaws

Consumers doubt marketing claims for some obvious reasons – it’s a no brainer. And a few marketers are not even credible. You can win their confidence and be open by explaining some of the shortcomings of your product. 

The quicker you can establish credibility, the more chances that your business will succeed. Be genuine in who you are to establish credibility with your colleagues, investors, and customers. The days are gone when your targeted customers used to be impressed by a fancy job title or your illustrious corporate name. Credibility files out fo the window the moment you try to pretend to be more of who you are. 

Reposition your competition

At the Los Angeles digital marketing agency, marketers do not attack competitors directly. For business success, stop attacking the weaknesses of your competition. The consumers bought those products because of the strengths, but not the weaknesses you are highlighting. You need to reposition your competition if you want to take a market share from your competitors and here is what you can do to:

  • The first step is to find out the strength of the competitor 
  • Determine your market leader’s strength
  • Reposition your competitors strength into a weakness 
  • On a narrow front now you can launch an attack
  • Attack the major weaknesses 
  • Make major weaknesses your strength 

Promote exclusivity

People love to be valued, and they want to feel important. Customers feel proud to be part of an exclusive group. Add a tag line in your marketing copy to make them feel valued. One such famous example is the term “The Few. The Proud,” which was used by U.S. marine. Another example used by the American Express tagline is “Membership has its privileges.” 

Introduce doubt, uncertainty, and fear

When organizations and businesses introduce doubt, risk, and fear, consumers slow down to think, stop, and change their behaviors. This rule has the power to nuke the competition. 

It is a great strategy to invite speculations and unfavorable opinions about a particular product. It can also help you identify the estimation of switching costs among potential customers and leverage all others. 

Marketers at the digital agency in Los Angeles have been able to get great results for both small and large businesses by incorporating the above tactics in their strategies. What your marketing strategy looks like, have you been able to add any psychological tactics? Let us know.