Think about the way you decide what to watch on a movie-streaming night.

You see the posters, skim the descriptions, and pick a few to check their ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. In the end, you go for the one with the highest top critics score. Cold logic alone didn’t give you the answer. The reason was heavily assisted by the feelings in your gut. How did you narrow a list of hundreds and hundreds of movie titles to just a few? If one of the titles felt like something you would like to watch, you read the synopsis, and if that felt right too, you added the movie to the maybe list. You read the reviews only to verify that you were making the right choice and because you were looking to be thrilled, not disappointed.

Your brand is like a movie poster. You cannot tell everything about a movie with just a title, an evocative image, and a catchy tag line. Likewise, you cannot praise all the virtues of your product with just a symbol. But you can make a promise, just like a movie poster does, the promise of an experience that will bring a certain feeling, one that will capture your customers’ attention because that feeling may be precisely how they were looking to feel.

Your brand is your promise to the customer. Your brand is both the suggestion of feeling and a hook that persuades your customers to listen to your story. Your brand is a repository of meaning and value.

We can help you define that promise, develop a recognizable identity to match your target audience so that you always deliver the right message.

Branding is all about feelings.

As a matter of fact, every decision is.

Feelings play an essential role in our decision making because feelings are the way our unconscious motivates us to take the right steps. Antonio Damasio, one of the most respected neuroscientists on the planet, calls feelings the “mental deputies of homeostasis,” which he defines as the tendency not toward a stable equilibrium to support life but toward improved well-being. Feelings warn us of perils and call our attention to rising opportunities.

What are the feelings that you want your brand to convey? How will your brand help you present your story? More importantly, how will your brand transform your customers? Our branding services can help you answer these questions so that you can engage your customers at an emotional level.

Whether you need to start from scratch or redefine a brand that hasn’t worked that well, we are here to help you discover your branding identity. At Drive Traffic Media we are a full-service digital marketing and branding agency.

It may feel at first like a weird new-age, mystical exercise. After all, we have been trained to use reason and obey logic when making important decisions. Talking about communicating feelings instead of facts, letting emotions speak, and recommending storytelling as the best way to persuade may feel a bit off. The truth is that your emotional impulses follow your own experience and if your experience is right, because of all the knowledge you have accumulated throughout your life, your feelings will tend to be right too. It is only on the rare occasions that emotions provide bad advice, as when you engage in binge-watching on a school night, that we lament listening to them. But hey, what was there to remind you to be good and stop after two episodes? Perhaps the fear of feeling tired at work the next day?

There’s nothing mystical about storytelling either. Scientific research has shown that messages relying on storytelling can be much more persuasive than messages relying on rational arguments, precisely because of the emotional load that stories contain. Our work at Drive Traffic Media is backed up by psychological science. As a branding agency, we understand how emotions work and the logic behind them. Our branding team in Los Angeles combines the sagacity of a digital marketing genius, the smarts of a media psychology professional, whose doctoral research focuses on what motivates people to engage with stories and thus how to create more compelling and persuasive messages, and the artistic power of a small army of copywriters, communicators, and graphic designers. Together we understand brand psychology, but more importantly, we understand people.

Brand Discovery

We prefer to do business with those we like. It feels safer. The same applies to the brands we choose. We give our money to those we like and trust. We choose brands because of what they mean to us and because of the way they make us feel. Our favorite brands represent different aspects of who we are, who we would like to be, or how we would like to be seen by others. Brands don’t define us but serve as symbols to represent who we aspire to be or how do we want others to see us.

Our brand discovery package is aimed to identify your brand identity, define your brand’s core narrative, and develop a buyer persona of your customers.

a. Your Brand Identity

As individuals, we have more than one identity. You are your parent’s child, but for your child, you are a parent. You are somebody’s boss, somebody’s friend, and somebody’s client. As a brand, your identity should be one, consistent and compelling. Think from the consumers perspective. What concepts do you want your brand to be associated with? What is your brand’s Jungian archetype? Are you the Explorer, the Magician or the Trickster? To understand how your brand can transform your customers you need to find out not only who you are but who you want to be for your customers.

b. Your Brand’s Core Narrative

This is not about how you came to be where you are or how your company was founded. Your brand’s core narrative is a fairy-tale-like story that summarizes in one paragraph your company’s value from your customers’ perspective. It is a story that answers the question: How can my customers improve their lives by contracting my services? and that you want to repeat over and over so that your customers can assign meaning to your brand. In this story, the customer is the hero, and your brand is the benefactor.

c. Competitive Landscape

Who else is doing what you are doing? What makes you different and unique? There are millions of possible stories out there. We need to pinpoint the one path that leads to your brand. It is not about proving that you are the best at what you do. It is about showing that your brand is the right one.

d. Persona Development

A “Buyer Persona” or just “Persona” is a somewhat fictionalized representation of your typical customer, based both on your professional experience and the type of clients that you want to attract. A Persona summarizes your customers’ needs, goals, challenges, and desired experience. The goal is to understand your customers at one glance so that you can tailor your marketing efforts to capture their attention.


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