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5 Rules Of Thumb To Follow For Brand Marketing Amid COVID-19

5 Rules Of Thumb To Follow For Brand Marketing Amid COVID-19

5 Rules Of Thumb To Follow For Brand Marketing Amid COVID-19


The acknowledge-and-adapt phase of the current pandemic has resulted in businesses and digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles to think differently. But one thing is sure, we have to think beyond the crisis. To cope up with such a situation, marketers need to follow the following five rules of thumb. 

Present with transparency and empathy

Because of the issues, people are more vulnerable.  Everybody is taking their part in making this situation a little better. In a case like this, empathy is critical. For example, banks have removed the overdraft fees because they understand that most of their customers are having a tough time. The nuances of the brand voice are more delicate than ever. Those businesses and  Los Angeles digital marketing agencies that are using this situation to exploit customers will not fare well. We need to acknowledge this situation and do our best to make it a little better. Even if we have made pledges in such an uncertain world, we need to deliver them. 

Use both digital and print media in a more agile way 

Rapid-response operating models are a must for both Los Angeles digital marketing agencies and internal teams to communicate the messages better. Access to creative capacity and remote production is a must, particularly in a situation like COVID-19. One such example is Nike’s brand new logo, “Play inside, play for the world.” 

Just like Nike, many other brands have updated their brand slogans. The aim is to create brand awareness and make your clients cared for. Brands need to come up with some creative ideas. The actual media platforms that people use quickly changes. Keeping this in view, these marketers should consider a mix of the media. 

Provide your clients with something memorable 

Associating your digital marketing agency brand with something good will help your clients remember forever. If you do something good with true heart and generosity, the brand will remember you forever for the act of good in times of crisis. You can donate food to the food banks, continue to pay your employees when your business is not operational at all, or provide free products for medical personnel. For example, 3M, GE, and Ford partnered and put their human capital and manufacturing capacity to make ventilators and respirators to fight coronavirus. 

If you have a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, you can create feel-good content that can help people alleviate and promote positive messaging. This strategy can go a long way to enhance your brand identity. Consumers recognize the real purpose and brand authenticity. 

Track trends and make strategies

Successful brands always track trends and build scenarios. If you track the customer behavior trends, it will help you gain better insights in real-time. Pay closer attention to the consumption trends and measure sentiments daily. Doing so will help you better adapt to messaging and marketing strategies. A great option is to quickly build dashboards using this data that can fuel the right decisions. 

All marketers should strengthen communication with executives to make better marketing choices. Every team at your company should work closely to cope up with the current scenario but ensuring social distancing. 

Embrace the new ways of working 

It’s encouraging to see how most of the companies today are adopting new ways of working to keep delivering. Inclusion of the collaborative technologies can allow them to have seamless chat, meeting, file sharing and helps them remain productive. Today virtual happy hours are emerging as a new way to boost team productivity and team morale. From marketing to the sales to the services, leaders have to do their best to cope up with this transition period. This will also result in innovation, and improvement will come out of the current discomfort. 

What brand marketing strategies are you adopting today through this coronavirus crisis? Let us know!