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5 Ways to Organically Expand Your Business On Social Media

5 Ways to Organically Expand Your Business On Social Media

5 Ways to Organically Expand Your Business On Social Media


In the past year, the organic reach of social media has plunged. Today we’re going to look at how you can change that. It’s not always reasonable for small businesses like those in Los Angeles to pay for marketing on social media. However, efforts in this aspect of marketing have slowly contributed to positive user experience of SEO

Here are 5 tips that cover several social platforms and help in defining what shareable content means to you, and how to spread your voice and expand your business on social media.

Focus Energy In The Right Areas 

Many businesses assume that the presence of their brand needs to be on all social platforms, from Instagram to YouTube. This is not necessarily the case. Although your brand may be present on every platform, your target audience most likely won’t be, so why waste your time? Picking a platform to focus on may seem overwhelming, but it’s easier than you think. One strategy that you could use to decide which platform is worth your time is a survey. You can place a survey link for your customers to take on your social media page or in an email. Another way to assess which platform is the most influential for your audience is to just ask them directly. Both of these methods create a way for you to analyze what social platforms your followers use for business and personal purposes. 

Enhance Social Media Profiles 

Modifications can be made in all aspects of your social media profile to create a clearer and more appealing account. To achieve this perfect profile, you need to know all the elements that make it up. 

  • A brand logo/photo that stands out 
  •  A username/handle that is easy to remember
  • A clear website link

When posting, use these elements to make decisions like image choice, keywords, and captions. These elements apply to all social media platforms. 

Target Audience For Maximized Potential 

This strategy will vary between platforms, but refining the settings of your post to reach a targeted audience will boost the potential of an organic relationship. Here are some demographics to look out for: 

  • Gender 
  • Age
  • Location 
  • Language 
  • Interests

Options like these are available on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Twitter, for example, will use hashtags that allow you to categorize your posts. Using these tools to your advantage will enable your targeted audience to see your posts. 

Smarter Not Harder 

Posting more content may seem like the answer to getting more exposure but it isn’t. Instead, companies need to focus more on the quality and relevance of their content. Put simply, this idea is quality over quantity. By posting less, with higher quality content, organic reach will increase more than it would by overfilling your page. Although there isn’t a direct statistic, the recommended amount of posting content per page should be twice a day. Every business is different and unique in their own way, so don’t hesitate to experiment during this time.

Follower Engagement

Expanding your social media organically is always the easiest when people visit your page directly. If you appropriately engage with people and interact in the comments, your reputation will spread as a sincere influencer. People will look out for your posts because they’ll genuinely be interested in the content you put out. This kind of bond is important in all aspects of business, but will rapidly transform your organic reach on social media in Los Angeles

Final Thought 

Search engines and organic social media outreach have the same secrets. It’s all about optimization, quality content, and user convenience. If you look at the efforts that you make for your SEO work and implement the same effort in your social media, you’re bound to see major changes and promising results.