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7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself For Successful Brand Positioning

7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself For Successful Brand Positioning

7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself For Successful Brand Positioning


Think of brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Reebok, and Band-Aid. What sets all these companies apart from the rest of the competitors? They all have one thing in common; that’s a strong brand. Brand positioning is the process where you position your brand in your customer’s mind. It is a well- crafted strategy which sets your business apart from all your competitors and is more than a fancy log, a website, or an appealing tagline. Digital marketing agency Los Angeles can help you build amazing brands to stand out among your competitors.

Why brand positioning is important

In this fast-moving digital world, the success of your business depends upon how you position yourself among your competitors. It results in competitive distinctiveness and maximizes customer relevancy to improve your brand value.

For all the businesses out there who are striving for business success, a strong brand positioning must be a priority. An effective brand positioning is an extent to which a brand is perceived as credible, different, and favorable in the customer’s mind.

Whether you have a product based business or service based business, a clearly defined brand positioning will provide a consistent experience for your audience. It will also help you build an authentic brand image through all your marketing efforts. Digital marketing agency Los Angeles helps businesses and entrepreneurs with business branding.

Creating a brand positioning involves discovering your key strengths as well as a deep understanding of the details of your band. Ask yourself the following questions to position your brand in the market.

What is your target audience?

Think about your existing customers and potential customers. Your current customers are more valuable than potential customers. Finding a new client for your business is an expensive proposition and is time-consuming.

What kind of experience your customers are looking for?

Get a clear idea about what your kind of experience your customers are looking for. Customer experience is the interactions a business and customer have during their business relationship. It includes service, purchases, discovery, advocacy, cultivation, and awareness. A customer who has a great experience with your product or services is more likely to become a loyal customer and be the brand advocate in the long run.

Simply, let us put it this way – A happy customer remains loyal. The happier is the customer, the longer he will stay with your brand.

What is your competitive landscape?

Today, the market is more competitive than ever before. A thorough understanding of your competitive landscape is essential to stand the test of time. Do the market research to find out how do you position among your competitors. A deep understanding of your competitive landscape will give your brand a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

What is the unique value of my brand?

Your brand is a lot more than the service or product you sell. While your product, brand logo, website, and the marketing campaigns may change over time, what remains the same is your brand value. A brand uniqueness is what you stand for today and for the years to come.

In the rapidly changing digital world today, people are looking for the value that often goes beyond the artistically designed log and an appealing website. Whereas external elements of business-like name, logo, and marketing campaigns may help you create customer awareness, but your brand value provides real engagement and encourages your target audience to have a more powerful relationship with your brand.

What problems does my product help to solve?

The first step in starting a business is understanding what problem are you going to solve. Don’t just start a business; solve a problem. As long as people have problems, they will search for the perfect solution. Customers always look for smarter, faster, and better ways to solve their problems. The good news is, if you don’t have a clear idea about what problem you are going to solve – there is a lot of room for improvement out there. That being said, one of the significant problems entrepreneurs face is to find the pain points of customers and to match them with the best possible solution.

How do you stand out among your competitors

The road to the profits is always paved with unfair advantages. Pause for a while and think about this statement again. It is the reason what some average people become wildly successful, even in a highly competitive market. Leave your competitors in the dust and find an unfair advantage. Even if your competitors are taking over the market, always position strengths to weaknesses. Every business has some weak points, and your job is to place your business where it can outperform.

How can I highlight my brand’s personality?

Brand personality makes it easier to remember your brand. A great brand personality makes your business appealing to your target audience’s values and needs, showcasing the sense of humor and intelligence while keeping the things professional at the same time. Your brand personality is a grand scale engagement, and it is more than just the monetary.

A strong brand positioning makes all the difference, whether you are just entering into the market or competing in any market. It plays a critical role in making a statement, keeping your audience engaged, attracting potential customers, and growing your business successfully. Reach out to a Digital marketing agency Los Angeles like Drive Traffic Media to have help with successful brand positing of your business.