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9 Secrets of Professional SEO Article Writers

9 Secrets of Professional SEO Article Writers

9 Secrets of Professional SEO Article Writers


Blogs and articles are a very important part of online pr services, SEO, and social media management.

Regularly posting fresh content on your website is one of the easiest ways to introduce potential customers to your brand.

Of course, you can’t just throw a bunch of words on the page and expect people to notice. The pro SEO company in Los Angeles knows that if you build or create articles, people will come… but only if you build it in the right way.

The following are the nine secrets of the SEO authors serving Los Angeles:

1. Get keyword research

If you want to post content on your website, you can also take the time to make sure Google notices your work.

Find the keywords and phrases people are searching for and set yourself a keyword spreadsheet. Track the number of times you use your keywords for content and use the right tools to track your target keywords ranking.

2. Use keywords for work

Once upon a time, it was thought that the content writer could just simply dump keywords into your copy. This is no longer the way Google plays the game.

While it’s still a good idea to include your target keywords in your articles, using a mandatory keyword to your copy and adding them as often as you could, won’t move the dial.

In the title, the first 300 words and the first H1 or H2 should contain your keywords (but note that you don’t have to include both at the same time – just make sure to include it in one of them). After that, you should try to use a variant of the keyword.

3. Write down what people would normally look for.

No one knows your business as you do – so use your SEO advantage.

4. Understand the basics of technical SEO

If your site isn’t indexed, then all of the keyword optimizations you do won’t help you.

As a writer, you should not know how to migrate a site or enable HTTPS across an entire domain. 

Understanding some of the technicalities of SEO can make you a better writer in whatever SEO company in Los Angeles you write for.

5. Make it long enough 

Of course, 100 words of fresh content is better than no new content – but how much value can you convey in that?

Search engines tend to prioritize longer blogs and articles for a good reason. Try shooting at least 600 words, but if you can reach 1000 or more, go ahead.

Many studies show that search engines tend to support at least 1,000 words of “deep” content.

6. Use your analysis to your advantage

SEO writing is not a one-time effort  – you should not just post your content and leave.

You should use Google Analytics to monitor your content regularly.

If your site has a high bounce rate, it means that visitors to your site don’t stay, probably because your site doesn’t give them the information they’re looking for.

Professional SEO content writers check Google Analytics and use the metrics they see to improve their writing.

7. Edit your work

The main difference between a professional SEO author and an ordinary person is self-editing.

Programs like OpenOffice, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word make editing simple – most of the red and green lines make it easier. It is also important to pay attention to the aesthetically pleasing format. 

Stay away from writing long passages and sentences that run for miles.

If you can, it is always a good idea to let others see your work before you publish it. Even if they are not SEO writers (or editors), the second set of eyes can capture any mistakes that you might easily miss.

8. Be your own online public relations company

When you’ve written and published fresh content, SEO work is only half done.

The final step in writing all web content is your online PR agency – linking your content everywhere. Comment on the blog(s) and link it back to your website. Submit your content to Reddit and StumbleUpon.

Social media management and SEO web content writing go hand in hand.

9. Realize that it takes time to become an SEO expert

SEO writing is a skill, and like all other skills, you won’t master it overnight.

But that’s the way it is. Please note that when you write SEO content, you always need to return and edit your content, as your analysis will begin to give you specific insights.

Even if you didn’t hit gold on your first try, just continue to improve your content until it starts to rank.