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Be Aware Of The Current Social Media Trends

Be Aware Of The Current Social Media Trends

Be Aware Of The Current Social Media Trends


If you’ve hired an SEO company, maybe it’s so they can build a website for your business, or possibly you need them to optimize the site you already have. Alternatively, you might need help identifying the latest social media trends and using them to your best advantage. Your SEO company should know about the following.


Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is in its infancy, but you can see examples of it through things like Snapchat’s facial features, where the user gives themselves dog ears or googly eyes.


While these sorts of applications are more frivolous and goofy than anything else, it seems likely that augmented reality will catch fire in the next couple of years, as the technology allows for more complex uses. Virtual reality is similar, and the advertising potential for both should be astronomical.


Even though we’re in the early stages, if your SEO company can figure out how to engage with your followers using augmented reality in a way that’s fun and makes them aware of one of your services or products, it’s a good idea to do so. If a game or some other function that your SEO company creates for your fans goes viral, you can probably see a significant spike in both sales and followers.


Embrace Chatbots


Chatbots certainly have their limitations, Los Angeles, but they also have a lot of potential. As presently constituted, they can be used as an automated response to handle many of the FAQs that your fans might have related to your products and services.


While they can’t yet handle a complex conversation or an in-depth problem that a customer has, you have to assume that future versions of the bots will be better equipped to handle different situations that arise.


As of right now, your SEO company should strongly consider implementing such a program on your website and your social media platforms, like your Facebook profile, for instance. Most people have positive feelings about chatbots, provided that they’re able to answer some basic or fundamental needs that one of your fans might have.


Technology marches on, and that’s true for social media just as it is for anything else. Make sure that you hire the SEO company that knows all about what’s happening right now, as well as what’s on tap for 2019.