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Best e-Commerce Tools to Boost Conversions and Engagement

Best e-Commerce Tools to Boost Conversions and Engagement

Best e-Commerce Tools to Boost Conversions and Engagement


E-commerce always has one big problem – Engagements!

The introduction of online shopping eliminates the one-on-one experience that customers receive in the store. No one is there to provide customers their personalized experience, make intuitive suggestions, and answer their questions that need to be resolved. 

In e-commerce, you even lose conversion and engagement without realizing it, and SEO Company in Los Angeles can help you receive organic traffic to your store. 

If customers don’t find what they are looking for, no matter how much money you spend on marketing your product, you’re likely to lose them.

So, how can you solve this problem?

There are several tools that can help you increase engagement. SEO Company in Los Angeles can help use the tools most profitably. 

These tools work primarily on the back end of your website to track customer behavior. They identify problems they encounter, anticipate their next move, attract their attention, and provide them a right message to overcome the transition.

1. OptiMonk

The beauty of one-on-one conversations is the ability to assess their behavior and reactions, and use it to assist customers in figuring out what they want to buy, or not to buy at all.

Unfortunately, the sites have never provided an option to analyze customers in real-time. OptiMonk’s on-site messaging toolkit enables you to display the right message at the right time. It gathers data based on the browsing behavior tracked by visitors as they browse your site.

Being able to catch audience attention means you will never lose your customer or have someone get the sale instead of you.

2. Hotjar

It is essential to understand which pages your visitors view too often when they land on your website. Hotjar’s heat map gives you a quick and intuitive way to understand what your users want, care about, and what to do on your website.

A heat map is a graphical representation of the data showing the most common and unused (hot and cold) areas of the site.

By analyzing user clicks, taps, and scrolling on your site, you can drill down into their goals on your website. You can make changes to help visitors achieve their goals faster and easier. 

A collective review of user behavior also helps inform the overall business and website strategy by identifying trends and enabling you to optimize for maximum engagement and conversion.

3. Oberlo

If you run a direct sales store, you know how much it means to sell your product at the right time. Finding the right product, and adding it to your store can take a lot of time and effort and will cost you some lost orders.

Oberlo makes this process even more accessible. It allows Shopify stores to find products from a variety of suppliers around the world and add them to your store with easy to do steps.

It saves you the time to find and deliver better products in the store and makes it easy to see what’s being converted so you can quickly adjust.

Also, Oberlo handles the process of placing orders with suppliers, so you can lessen shipping time and turn into a more attractive option for the overall buyer.

Oberlo’s success story is full of users who can thrive through direct sales because they are less worried about handling the day-to-day operations of the store, but more time marketing their overall business.

4. Optimove

While other tools in this list are ideal for collectively evaluating customers and optimizing their experience based on a broad range of user categories, Optimove’s Relationship Marketing Center can dig deeper into the statistics.

Optimove first gains insight into customer behavior by analyzing the trading, behavior, and demographics of your website. They then use this data to evaluate customers, group them into dynamic micro-segments and predict their value and what they might do next.

It allows them to provide visitors with super-target messages, offers, and promotions based on buying patterns and real-time actions on your site, which are automated and customizable.

Orders from major companies such as travel companies,, and lingerie retailer Adore Me have seen significant growth in email open rates and overall customer growth while running more than 85% of fully automated campaigns.

Not a one-time fix

Implement these e-commerce tools, and you will have everything in place. But it isn’t that easy. 

Consumer online behavior and buying preferences are continually changing. They have gone from desktops to laptops, from mobile devices to voice-activated devices.

At any given time, they switch between social media, messaging platforms, apps, and various websites. Just because one method can now optimize participation and conversion doesn’t mean it will be implemented all the time.

The only permanent solution is to maximize efficiency by continuously testing the user experience and regularly updating these tools to ensure they are still effectively meeting your needs. Remember, the SEO Company in Los Angeles is a one-stop solution for all your website engagement.