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Blogging Equals Connection

Blogging Equals Connection

Blogging Equals Connection

For owners of companies big and small, there’s never a shortage of things to do. Maybe you’re a small business owner in Los Angeles who is concerned about SEO and web traffic. You might be the webmaster of a site for a multinational conglomerate, and you’re trying to meet a sales quota. There are so many facets of site maintenance, and social media channels to look after as well. But what is it that will get you those page views and conversions you want? What will get your visitors to sign up for mailing lists? Is there one particular factor on which you should concentrate?

For SEO Los Angeles, Start With An Informative Blog

While there might not be one single part of your site that will get you the visitors and sales numbers that you want, there is one aspect that you should never ignore, and that is your blog. The blog is truly a special way of reaching out to your customers and potential customers. It’s a way for you to establish your voice, which is to say the voice of your company. You need a blog that consistently features humorous, inspirational, or educational content. If you can manage that, then you stand an excellent chance of converting those who have never bought your products before into dedicated boosters of your brand.


Who Should Write Your Blogs?


Social media is a key aspect of any ad campaign these days, and you shouldn’t miss out on the chance of connecting with people that way. The problem with platforms like Twitter or even Facebook is that they’re insubstantial. 140 characters can only convey so much, and no one goes on Facebook because they want to read an essay of any length. That’s why the blog on your website is a way to form a personal connection with your visitors that is more substantive than a tweet or a brief Facebook post.


But who should write those blogs? There’s no right or single answer. You need to find out who is the best creative writer available to you. If you’re the owner of the company, then you might be the best candidate, because who would know more about the ins and outs of your daily operation than you? The problem is, you’re probably too busy. Do you have a copywriter on staff? If so, they might be the answer. Failing that, you might consider hiring a freelancer, educating them about your company, and seeing if they’re capable of writing in the voice and fashion you’d prefer. Utilizing an internet marketing agency is always a viable option. Almost all of them have a copywriter on staff.


Whichever you end up choosing, it’s vital that you get this right. Your blog is a way of humanizing your company. When you hear expressions like “content is king,” you should be thinking of your blog. It’s the best way to provide a source of fresh content on your site, content that connects with your customers and converts them to lifelong fans.