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Blogging Ideas For Small Companies

Blogging Ideas For Small Companies

Blogging Ideas For Small Companies

There’s a difference in SEO for smaller companies and larger ones, Los Angeles. Nowhere is that more apparent than with the blogs that you should be writing and posting on your websites. If you are the operator or owner of a smaller company, then your blogs need to be optimized not only with keywords, but they also need to be helpful and informative for people who are looking for local goods and services. Let’s look at some blog ideas that are sure to grab the attention of your site visitors.

Los Angeles Companies Concentrating On SEO Can Benefit From These Blog Ideas

The Cost Of A Used Toyota Corolla In Long Beach

For each of these examples, let us imagine that your company is a car lot located in Long Beach. If you write a blog with this title, then it will immediately interest your visitors, because you are being specific about what one of your products, in this case, a Toyota Corolla, will cost them. That’s going to be valuable information for them, and if your prices are competitive, then this blog alone might convince them to stop by and check out your selection.


Maintenance Tips For Your SUV

Anything that is informative is likely to be viewed as favorable reading material by someone visiting your site. A short article that lists a few tips is always welcome, especially if it includes a call to action at the end which encourages the reader to join a mailing list or stop by the dealership.


How Can You Save Money With Your Trade In?

This is another example of something that is more than likely going to interest the site visitor. If they found your website, then it’s probable that they’re looking to buy a new vehicle, and they might have a trade in as well. Notice that the title is also in the form of a question. Questions provide an excellent incentive for people to read. It’s just human nature: when a question is asked, we want to know the answer to it.


The Best Family Vehicles In 2018

Using specific dates in your blog titles can be helpful. Search engines look for it, and people enjoy feeling like they have the most current information. You want them to feel like you’re sharing uncommon knowledge with them. If you can impress upon them that your company is an expert in whatever the topic happens to be, they are more likely to trust you and buy from you.


These are just a few examples of titles that will entice the site visitor. You can brainstorm with your SEO company and figure out some others that are likely to get their attention and keep them on your page. The longer the person is engaged, the better the chances are of a conversion.