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Can An SEO Company Make A Difference In Your Website Conversion Rate?

Can An SEO Company Make A Difference In Your Website Conversion Rate?

Can An SEO Company Make A Difference In Your Website Conversion Rate?


If you own a Los Angeles business, and you’re the one who set up your website, or you at least had a hand in it, then the idea that you might have left out certain useful features might be wounding to your pride. You might look at your site like your baby, and feel that it’s perfect the way it is.

Ultimately, though, the feedback on your site is the sales that it gets. If yours is getting all the sales that you want, then there probably isn’t a need to change anything. If those conversions aren’t coming as regularly as you’d like, then it’s probably time to turn the reins over to a Los Angeles SEO company. They may have some suggestions as to how you can improve things, and here are a few issues they may raise.

CTA Buttons

Some people use links as calls to action on their websites. However, people seem to like CTA buttons a lot more, and they’re more likely to click on them. This appears to be especially true on mobile devices, and since they’re used more these days anyway, it’s doubly important that you have those CTA buttons on your site.

High-Quality, Original Images

This seems to be a problem to which so many companies fall victim, Los Angeles. They pay for the subscription to a stock photo collection, and they feel like those images will be sufficient for their website. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with those pictures. It’s just that in many cases, they’re too generic.

You’re much more likely to get sales when you show your actual products in professional photographs, being used out in the world. Alternatively, you may want some pictures of your brick-and-mortar store, or your employees having fun and enjoying working for you. It’s this personal touch that makes it more likely people will form a connection with your brand and will want to buy things from you.

Test Different Color Combinations

What’s in a color, Los Angeles? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Your SEO company may encourage you to do some user testing with various color combinations on your site. Is this something on which you need to spend so much time?

It very well might be. Many studies have shown that certain color combinations associated with different industries make it more likely that people are going to buy from them. It’s not a bad idea to come up with a couple of different versions of your site in alternate color patterns, and then find out through UserTesting which ones make people want to buy from you more. If a particular color becomes recognizable for your company, that is extremely helpful for your branding.

These seemingly small changes can mean huge differences in conversion rates, Los Angeles. Talk with your SEO company, and see if they want to look at any of these areas, or if there’s anything else they might suggest that they feel will make a difference.