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Here Are Some Cautionary Tips For SEO

Here Are Some Cautionary Tips For SEO

Here Are Some Cautionary Tips For SEO

If you have a website for your company, then it should be your goal for it to be as optimized as possible. That means you should know all about SEO Los Angeles, the ever-malleable art of making your site rank. Some strategies are proven to work over time. Some present more of a risk; maybe they’ll work, and maybe they won’t, depending on mitigating factors. There are some techniques, though, that it is almost always better for you to avoid. We’ll take a moment to examine a couple of them now.

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Be Careful Of Your Backlink Quality

The quality of your backlinks makes a notable difference from an SEO standpoint. If you have links to excellent content in which people are interested, Google will respond favorably. If you are linking to spam content or poorly written gibberish, you’re going to be penalized for that, and rightly so. But what about backlinks that appear to neither help nor hurt your site’s rankings? It is possible to disavow those links, but it might not be worth it to do so. You could accidentally block a site that is helpful to you. There’s good news about backlinks, though. Google realized recently that it was unfair to penalize sites for all of their malicious backlinks since there’s no way to control all the sites that choose to link to yours.


Watch Out When You Delete Entire Pages

It might seem harmless enough to delete pages from your website if the content on them has become outdated. They may still show a product or service that has been discontinued, so you don’t want something like that to be visible anymore. The thing is, problems can sometimes arise if you also deleted the keywords on those pages that were helping you rank. The same is true for the page’s URL, which also likely contained keywords. You might want to consider leaving the page up. You can add a message that directs visitors to a similar product or service. There might be some initial disappointment from a visiting customer, but at least you’re not losing those valuable keywords. If you’re going to condense or merge two pages into one, make sure to leave a 301 redirect on the old URL, so you don’t lose any traffic.


These are only a couple of examples of things to watch for as you go through your regular website maintenance. At all times monitor your analytics tools, to see what elements on your site are helping you versus which ones are hurting you.