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Check Out These SEO Website Audit Tips for Your Company

Check Out These SEO Website Audit Tips for Your Company

Check Out These SEO Website Audit Tips for Your Company


If you feel like the website for your business isn’t landing as high as you’d like in the SERPs, then an audit might be in order, Los Angeles. There are basic website audits that you can do, and there are ones that go into an extraordinary amount of detail as to how every aspect of your site is performing. It’s up to you how meticulous of an audit you would like to conduct, but some elements should always be included.

Begin with Your Navigation

Nothing frustrates a visitor to your Los Angeles business website more than poor UX. Easy, intuitive navigation is something that every potential customer expects, and when they don’t find it, they become frustrated and might move on to one of your competitors.

Ask these questions as you go over each one of your pages. Is it clear what action the visitors should be taking? Are there internal links to all of your essential pages where it makes sense for them to be located? Is there any clutter such as unnecessary or distracting visual elements? Is there a way for visitors to get in contact with you on every page?

Are You Optimized for Mobile?

If you are not optimized for mobile site visitors, Los Angeles, then you are alienating more than half of your potential customers. You’re going to want to look at your images to make sure they’re loading quickly. If they’re not, they need to be reformatted. You’ll also want to test out how all of the text fits on each page. If any of it can’t be easily read, some adjustments will be necessary.

If you want to see how many people are spending time on your mobile site, Google Analytics can help you there, but you need to pay attention to each fundamental SEO element more than ever where your mobile site is involved.  

Look at Your Robots.txt File

Your robots.txt file is the way that you can tell what parts of your site can and cannot be crawled by Google bots. You’ll want to make sure that all parts of your website can be crawled and indexed, and you’ll also want to create a site map if you don’t have one yet. The sitemap is an XML file that allows search engines to understand what pages are located in which locations. Each of these should be functioning correctly.

If you have checked over each of these areas, then you’re ready to move on to more complex SEO issues, or you may wish to stop there if you feel that is all the analysis your site needs, Los Angeles. If you’re consistently not finding your way to the top of the rankings, though, it makes it likely that a more detailed site audit is going to be necessary sooner rather than later.