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Create An Effective E-Commerce Video Marketing Strategy With These Tips

Create An Effective E-Commerce Video Marketing Strategy With These Tips

Create An Effective E-Commerce Video Marketing Strategy With These Tips


If you have an e-commerce store but you feel like the conversion rate is not very good, it’s time to change your strategy. Maybe the traffic is not increasing so you have to rethink of a strategy. 

We have a good solution for you: video marketing.

Video marketing is effective for online merchants, with 52% of marketers thinking that the return on investment of video is higher than any other type of content. Video marketing is a great way to interact with shoppers before introducing them to your products and turning them into actual paying customers.

If you are entirely new to video marketing game and if are not sure how start, let’s dig deeper into how you can create and measure an effective e-commerce video marketing strategy.

If you can relate this, I assure you its right time to reach out to SEO Company Los Angeles to achieve all your business goals. 

Make sure the video fits the platform

When it comes to any type of content, you must optimize it to fit the platform.

Knowing which content works best on each platform will help you build a more effective video marketing strategy.

For example, the best length for Instagram videos is only 26 seconds.

At the same time, on Facebook, 56% of all videos released last year lasted less than two minutes.

On YouTube, you have more freedom to make longer videos. At the same time, you don’t want to overdo it by making epics again. People’s attention is short, which is why you need to meet user expectations on every platform you publish.

Add video to the product page

Research shows that customer engagement is 4 times higher for a product page that has a video. The video on the product page introduces your product to the customer, shows them the appearance of the product, and how the product works. It helps build more trust and can bring them closer to sales.

Hire an SEO Company Los Angeles to get your product page ranked. While you may not have time to create a product video for each product, be sure to consider creating a product video for the best-selling product. Create an easy to navigate product page where customer can easily find the option to play a video about the product.

Combine video marketing with email marketing

Want to increase your emailing rate? Adding the word “video” to the subject line of an email can increase your open rate by 19%.

If you want to encourage more clicks, don’t use a standard still shoot as a video image, but try an animated GIF. They are good at creating curiosity.

Of course, email marketing is very popular in e-commerce stores. It is also a great way to build relationships with your customers while raising awareness of the latest deals. Combine email marketing with video marketing to you have a double blow and give your customers extra motivation to open your email.

Don’t forget the video SEO 

SEO is not for anyone involved in e-commerce, but if you want to gain more visibility on Google, this is necessary. SEO Company Los Angeles suggests it is one of the ranking factors. 

SEO is a critical part of your video marketing strategy. It’s a no brainer.

Did you know Google uses video as a ranking factor and YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine? To make your videos easier to discover, you need to cover the basics of SEO.  

It shows that adding keywords to the title, tags, and descriptions, and the name of the video file is essential. Do this for each video you create while uploading it to YouTube or any other channel. 

Be sure to include a link back to the store in the first line of the description while uploading it to YouTube. Add the link to the other social media channels and the website, where necessary. 

Measure your video marketing campaign

Finally, you need to constantly measure your campaign to understand the performance of video marketing. 

Starting with view counting, you need to measure some key metrics. Of course, each platform calculates the view slightly differently. For example on Facebook, if the user has watched the video for the first 2 seconds, it is counted as one view whereas, on YouTube, views are only calculated when the user has been viewing it for more than 30 seconds.

View count will tell you how engaging the content is. If the number of views is less, you need to better hook people. Remember to calculate the first few seconds. Make sure you outline the benefits of watching videos as quickly as possible and try to attract attention.

The third key metric is the clickthrough rate, which is how we measure your call-to-action to persuade people to visit other pages. Of course, the click-through rate is not counted as a video on the product page. 

However, if your video is on social media or sent via email, this is a key metric you need to pay close attention to. If your clickthrough rate drops, you may want to double-check your CTA and find ways to improve it.

Lastly, conversion is the king of all video marketing metrics. The higher your conversion rate, the higher will be your product sales.

Conversion rates can be difficult to measure. To learn more about it, consider performing a split test to see which types of videos are best for promoting shoppers to sell.

Add videos to your product page, double your email marketing, and measure everything so you can make the necessary adjustments to a good video marketing. Even if you are a newcomer to video marketing, you will soon be able to understand the situation.