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It’s Critical To Pick The Right Domain Name

It’s Critical To Pick The Right Domain Name

It’s Critical To Pick The Right Domain Name

Regardless of whether you are starting up your company or you are only now developing an online presence, you need to have a domain name that is memorable and suits your brand. Los Angeles businesses who hire an internet marketing agency will have a better chance of doing so. Agencies of this nature will likely have previous experience coming up with domain names, and they know how to find out which ones are still available. This is a part of the marketing process that is extremely important. You’ve taken the time to develop your services and products. Launching your site is a way of announcing to the world that you’re open for business.

Los Angeles Companies Should Choose The Right Domain Name For SEO

Your Name Is Your Brand

Your domain name is most beneficial when it’s identical to your company name, but sometimes that isn’t possible because that domain is already taken. If so, your SEO company will need to brainstorm and figure out what names are available that are as close as possible to that of your business. You don’t want any hyphens or numbers, and you want your brand name to sound utterly unique. This is true both of your company name and your domain name; you want people to think about only one thing when they hear it. Think of brands like Walmart, McDonald’s, and Starbucks. They’re each completely recognizable.


Your Word Choice Matters

If you try to name your company something that is difficult to pronounce, then you run the risk of alienating some customers. The same is true of your domain name. Use words that are relatable for both. You also want to try for a short domain name. Think about domain names like There should be little doubt that this is the site for the National Football League. The fewer the characters you use, the easier it will be for people to remember it.


Finally, do not use a name that sounds even remotely like that of another company. If you do, then you run the risk of infringing on their intellectual property, and you’re going to be subject to legal action. If you haven’t yet come up with an original company name and what you have sounds derivative, return to the drawing board.


If you follow these tips, you should eventually be able to come up with a domain name that’s easy to remember and fits in with your company name as closely as possible. You have to get this part right. If you don’t, then customers finding out about your services and products becomes all the more difficult.