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Different Ways That A Digital Marketing Agency Can Promote Your Website Content

Different Ways That A Digital Marketing Agency Can Promote Your Website Content

Different Ways That A Digital Marketing Agency Can Promote Your Website Content


Your website is your forum, Los Angeles businesses. It is your pulpit. Certainly, you’re going to want people to stop by so that they can find out about your services and products, but your site is also the place that you can speak about subjects related to your niche that are important to you.


If you started up a company, then you probably feel passionate about the industry in which you work. Assuming that’s true, then you probably won’t have too much trouble coming up with things to write about on your blog every week. You can expound on virtually anything involving your niche, just so long as you feel sure that people are going to want to drop by and read about it.


The real trick, though, is getting your blog noticed. There are thousands of great blog posts out there that are languishing, with no one coming to look at them because the website administrators couldn’t figure out how to attract those eyeballs. That’s why you need to hire a digital marketing agency, Los Angeles.


Content Relaunching


The relaunching of content is one of the ways that a digital marketing agency might attract some interest for your blog, Los Angeles companies.


The premise is to find some older content on your site, preferably featuring some topic to which some addendum might be added. If you wrote a blog about voice search technology, for instance, and now there have been several developments in that field in the year since that blog was first published, that would be a perfect subject to which you could make some additions.


It then falls to your SEO company to relaunch that blog. They can talk about it on social media, and they can send an announcement to your email subscribers advising them to check it out. If the subject of the revamped blog is something that people find interesting, this technique can lead to a significant spike in traffic.  


Emailing Bloggers That Write About Your Topic


The idea behind this strategy is a content exchange. The best way to think about it is like a cross-promotional effort. You agree to link to some of the blogs produced by some of the other writers within your niche, and they’re going to do the same for you.


To find these other bloggers, your digital marketing agency should be using likely keyword strings on Google. “Your niche + blog” is an excellent place to start, but you can use analytics tools to refine the search more if you’re not getting satisfactory results that way.


Reach out to these bloggers via their websites if you can’t find an email address for them. A direct message via their social media channels should work too. Then, invite them to check out some of your recent blogs. If they like what they see, suggest that they post about your articles, and you do the same for them. It’s going to help you both out, so they’ll likely agree.


The more ways your Los Angeles digital marketing agency can figure out to generate interest in your blog, the better. You’ll get more site visitors, and it’s probable that some of them will stick around to buy something.