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A Digital Marketing Agency Can Provide These Valuable SEO Services

A Digital Marketing Agency Can Provide These Valuable SEO Services

A Digital Marketing Agency Can Provide These Valuable SEO Services

There are many SEO services that an digital marketing agency can provide for a Los Angeles-based company. Some might be categorized as website maintenance, while others would fall into the category of enhancement. The former means that they’re trying to prevent visitors from having an unpleasant experience when they arrive. The latter refers to encouraging them to come to the site in the first place. Both are equally valuable, and here are some tips for what your internet marketing agency should be doing on both fronts.


Get Rid Of Zombie Pages


You might have heard of zombie homes, referring to empty, boarded-up houses that sit abandoned in the middle of a block, driving down property values. Zombie pages do the same thing on your site. They hurt your SEO, Los Angeles companies, so if you have a page that’s not getting any engagement and isn’t being used for anything, make sure that your agency gets rid of it. All of your pages should be optimized, dynamic, and should serve an intended purpose.


Industry Studies Draw Views


People who are into your niche and products are likely to be interested in studies about that niche. If you need blog content that is likely to give you a boost, these are the sorts of SEO services your agency should be providing. You might think “well, how do you conduct a study,” but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. All you need is some analytics tools, and you can use some of your competitors’ sites to gather information for a quick comparison. Draw some conclusions that will be of interest to the Los Angeles market, and there you have it.


Add Text Content To Your Visuals


You might already know that content like infographics, videos, and podcasts are great for SEO, but did you know that adding text to them makes engagement even more likely? That’s because, without the text, Google won’t always be able to understand what they are. If you add text, then Google will be able to crawl them, and it will understand what it is that you are offering.


These are techniques that your Los Angeles digital marketing agency should know all about, but talk to them anyway to see if you are on the same wavelength. The SEO services your agency should be providing you should not be a mystery. You should be kept abreast of what is happening, and you should provide input as to what you want the agency to be doing for you.