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Your Digital Marketing Agency Understands The Value of Videos

Your Digital Marketing Agency Understands The Value of Videos

Your Digital Marketing Agency Understands The Value of Videos

If you’ve done some basic website SEO, Los Angeles businesses, then you may be at a loss as to how to proceed. If you want to go beyond the familiar keyword optimization and get your company noticed in an unexpected way, read on.


LinkedIn and Videos: An Unlikely Match


Establishing brand authority is something that a digital marketing agency is likely to harp on if you decide to hire one. They’re not wrong. You want your brand to be recognizable, and at the same time, you want to be seen as an expert in your field. What are some of the better ways of doing that?


Making videos about topics in your niche is a smart way to get your brand noticed. It serves two purposes. It establishes the tone that you’re trying to convey for your brand, and at the same time it gets your smiling face out there in the world so you can start to be recognized as an ambassador for your company. As for where you should post your videos, your website is an obvious choice. A less obvious one is LinkedIn, but you should consider it for SEO purposes, Los Angeles.


Why LinkedIn? For one, LinkedIn use is increasing, and where there’s growth, there’s opportunity. You should have an active LinkedIn profile, and if you haven’t set one up yet, do so, or get your digital marketing agency to do it. Then, once it’s up and running, feature some exclusive video content.


Probably the reason that video content performs so well on LinkedIn is that it’s not a platform where it conventionally appears. Because of its relative rarity, any videos that you post there are almost automatically seen to be of high value. It might surprise you the number of likes, comments, and views a funny or informative LinkedIn video will collect for you.


Unexpected uses of social media platforms can have extraordinary SEO results because you’re trying out unconventional techniques, Los Angeles. This is a prime example of that. All that remains is to select the topic for your video, decide whether to adlib the dialogue or come up with a script, and then get some help from a digital marketing agency. You surely want your videos to be high-quality or their likelihood of going viral is much less.