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Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Have a Well-Developed Keyword Strategy?

Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Have a Well-Developed Keyword Strategy?

Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Have a Well-Developed Keyword Strategy?


Although SEO in Los Angeles is continually changing, and best practices might seem to be different almost on a daily basis, it’s likely that getting your website to rank for keywords is always going to play a valuable part. If you hire a digital marketing agency and talk strategy with them, they’re certainly going to tell you the same thing.

Therefore, the agency that is going to do you the most good is the one that knows how to cultivate lists of the most valuable keywords for you to feature on your site. But how can they figure out which keywords are the most critical for your particular company and niche? For the answers to that question, read on.

List Audits

Finding keywords will be relatively easy for your Los Angeles digital marketing agency. They can use such tools as Answer the Public, Google Keyword Planner, Yoast’s Google Suggest Expander, etc. But once they have lists of dozens or even hundreds of potential keywords, how can they modify that list so that only the most valuable ones are left?


A list audit is going to be in order, and there are several ways that your SEO company can accomplish that. They can start by looking at relevance. The best way to do that is to think about the content that you must feature on your site if you want people to buy your products and services. There are specific keywords and phrases that you can’t do without; you can’t successfully describe what you’re selling without them. Make no mistake about it, those are vital keywords, and they need to be on the final version of any list your digital marketing agency makes.

Search Volume

Search volume is going to be the next factor worth examining. Your agency can figure out what the search volume is for each term or phrase by looking at the Google Keyword Planner. Based on that data, they’ll be able to get some idea of how many people interested in your niche are searching for particular terms. Based on that information, they can better understand the value of specific keywords.


Finally, they will want to look at opportunity. Opportunity, in this case, refers to how many impressions and clicks each one of your potential keywords is getting. It stands to reason that the more valuable ones are going to get more clicks and impressions, so you’ll want to rank for those. However, your Los Angeles agency should also understand that these are ones that are going to have the stiffest competitions from other websites and companies offering similar products and services to your own.

As you can see, keyword research is something of a fine art. Many tools can be used to assist you in the endeavor, and whichever SEO company you choose, they should be masters of all of them. A second-rate digital marketing agency won’t know how to produce a master list of keywords successfully, and without that list, you’re not going to be able to compete with better-optimized websites within your niche.