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Does Your SEO Company Know About These Ways of Increasing Your Sales?

Does Your SEO Company Know About These Ways of Increasing Your Sales?

Does Your SEO Company Know About These Ways of Increasing Your Sales?


By reaching out to an SEO company in Los Angeles, you are being proactive in your efforts to get more sales in 2019. It shows that you’re willing to be bold and that you’re not content with the status quo.

While this move can be helpful for you, that’s only going to be the case if you hire the right SEO company. Not all of these agencies are created equal, and you should ask the top candidates before you hire one if they know about a full range of optimization techniques that they can implement for your company. Specifically, you may wish to ask them about the following.

Targeting of Buyer Personas

Hopefully, your Los Angeles company already knows how to create target personas. These are ideal candidates for which your services and products are intended. Such a persona will likely include gender, race, age range, income bracket, etc.

However, your SEO company will be able to help you if they can go even further in modifying these personas for you. The more precise of an image that you have of the people to whom you are trying to market, the better prepared you will be to create ads which you think will appeal to them. Because of this, the SEO company that you hire is going to need access to all of the buyer data that you have compiled, and they will likely want to use some analytics tools to add to it.


There’s nothing that people like more than free stuff, Los Angeles, and a way to get them to have positive feelings about your business is through giveaways. Your SEO company might ask what you have that you feel you can give to your potential customers free of charge.

You can hardly be expected to give them physical products for free in most cases, but what you can offer are things like no-obligation trials if you’re in the software business or ebooks that you wrote. Trial memberships and samples might also be possibilities, or you might try reward-based incentives or two-for-one offers. Anything along these lines that gets people thinking well of your brand is to your advantage.

Address any Objection in Your Site Copy

Your Los Angeles SEO company is undoubtedly going to want to look over every part of your website, but they may wish to look at your sales copy to make sure that you have addressed every possible objection and answered every question that a potential customer might have.

Don’t assume that people already know everything about your services and products. Start with the baseline notion that a site visitor knows nothing about your company and what it is that you produce.

If you write your copy that way, it’s far less likely that someone will decide not to buy because they feel that they have a concern that hasn’t been addressed. If your copy already reflects this viewpoint, then your SEO company might not need to make wholesale changes, but don’t feel bad if they want to do a serious overhaul of your current copy.

If your Los Angeles SEO company seems to be on the same page with you in all of these areas, then they’re probably a good partner for you. Remember that the right SEO company for you is one with whom you can have a free and productive exchange of ideas. Don’t be obstinate with the notions that you’re bringing to the table if what you’re hearing is a little different than what you had in mind for your product promotion. Flexibility is likely going to do you some good in this area.