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Does Your SEO Company Know How to Conduct a Website Audit?

Does Your SEO Company Know How to Conduct a Website Audit?

Does Your SEO Company Know How to Conduct a Website Audit?


The website audit is probably one of the first things that a Los Angeles SEO company is going to want to do for you when you hire them. Based on that inspection, they will be able to determine what needs fixing on your site so that you can start rising in the SERPs.

It therefore follows that you should only hire an SEO company in Los Angeles that knows how to conduct a thorough website audit. There are different steps that they may or may not choose to include, but here are some essential ones that must be taken.

Are You Using HTTPS?

If you are not yet using HTTPS for your site, that’s one area where your SEO company is going to want to concentrate. It’s not so much because your website will be performing poorly if you don’t yet have it, it’s more of a security issue.

If you’re not yet using HTTPS, then the data on your site won’t be secure, and that means that it can be easily hacked. If you’re doing a lot of e-commerce, then you want your visitors to be able to feel confident when they buy from you. They’re not going to feel that way if you don’t take this essential step, as your SEO company is undoubtedly going to point out to you.

Loading Speed

Checking your mobile site is going to be a point of emphasis for any Los Angeles SEO company, and that means they’re be taking a hard look at your page loading speed. If your pages are not loading quickly (which is to say in 3 seconds or less), then they’re going to want to focus on that area, since Google has come out and said that page loading speed is a ranking factor at this juncture.

Google has a tool called PageSpeed Insights, and your SEO company can use it to see how your speed measures up. Your speed score is an easy way to tell if you need to improve in this area.

Content Quality

Your SEO company will likely want to look at the quality of your content next. They’ll look for clarity, spelling and punctuation issues, and they’ll also check to make sure that it’s easy to understand. You don’t want to get too complex or flowery with the language. People won’t be expecting Hemingway or Shakespeare if you’re trying to sell them a lawnmower.

If your site is more extensive, this process is going to take a longer time. You’ll have to hire an SEO company that has a more substantial staff if your site has thousands of pages that need to be checked and possibly rewritten.

A website audit is like a doctor’s appointment: no one enjoys it, but it’s necessary. If you genuinely want your Los Angeles company to climb the SERPs, then engage an SEO agency that has experience in this area. You’ll be pleased you took this step when you start to see more engagement and eventually more sales.