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Why Easy Website Navigation Should Be On Your SEO Menu

Why Easy Website Navigation Should Be On Your SEO Menu

Why Easy Website Navigation Should Be On Your SEO Menu

What makes a website easy to use, Los Angeles? It’s a combination of multiple things. If you’re shopping online, as so many of us do these days, you’ll probably plug a long tail keyword into Google or another search engine. You’ll try one of the top two or three hits for the item or service that you want. You’ll then check out the site, looking for that item. Ideally, the site should load quickly, within a few seconds at most. The layout should be visually appealing. There should be no popup ads or nonsensical text. The site should be intuitive, laid out in such a way that you can find what you need swiftly. You should feel secure there and have no qualms about giving that site your credit card information if you choose to make a purchase. It all sounds easy when described in this way, doesn’t it?

Los Angeles Companies Concerned With SEO Should Overhaul Their Websites

These are the basic tenets of SEO, Los Angeles, and when you hire an internet marketing agency, it is for this sort of experience that they are striving. But it takes hard work to get there. Any of these factors, which taken together amount to ease of use, can get out of sync with poor programming. If you go to your company’s site and the UX is not as described above, then what steps can you or your internet marketing agency take to fix the problems?


How To Improve The Site Experience


One way to make sure the experience goes smoothly is by establishing content hierarchies. This means that you want to start with broader categories and break them down into smaller ones in a way that makes sense to the user. If you’re selling kitchen appliances, for instance, you might start with that category, then break it down to the microwaves. Then the shopper might choose full size or compact. From there they might have the option of arranging their choices based on price, positive customer reviews, color, or just about anything else. Amazon is an example of an enormous company that has particularly good UX, and smaller companies can follow their business model.


Blog posts can also become a part of a well-optimized site. Blogs can do more than give the visitor something to read that educates, informs, or entertains. They can also be fantastic for SEO because of the opportunity that they provide for internal linking. If you’re reading about a life-changing product, and then there’s a link to it right there in the text, it might be the persuasion you need to buy it. This is a process that’s known as horizontal linking. It means that you’re keeping the visitor within the site and informing them effectively about a service or product. It’s great for SEO.


When you start to look at website optimization, navigation must always come into play. That’s what SEO is all about, so whether you hire an outside agency or try to revamp your site using an in-house team, try to make the UX as comfortable as possible for your users.