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Email Marketing Secrets That Will Have You Feeling Like An SEO Professional

Email Marketing Secrets That Will Have You Feeling Like An SEO Professional

Email Marketing Secrets That Will Have You Feeling Like An SEO Professional


If you’re handling all of the marketing for your Los Angeles business, then you know how much there is to learn. You need to figure out what PPC ads are going to get the most engagement, what SEO factors are going to keep you consistently at the top of the SERPs, and what sort of social media posts are the most likely to encourage people to trust your brand and buy from you.

As for email marketing, it would probably be accurate to say that the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. If you’re starting your first campaign, though, you might be feeling at a loss as to what you should include in your messages. Here are some secrets that are certain to get you on the right track.

Think About the Preview Pane

If you hired an SEO company to run your email marketing campaign, Los Angeles businesses, one of the first things that they would think about is the preview pane. You can do the same.

Some people are suspicious about opening unsolicited emails, even if they are from a trusted sender. Presumably, you got the name of the people on your list from them filling out a form on your website or buying something from you previously, but even so, they might not automatically open one of your messages.

The preview pane is what the email provider shows before you open the email, and it’s generally only a single line long. You should have the most critical details of what you’re trying to tell the person or what you’re attempting to sell them visible in the pane. If you’re not sure what’s shown in different panes for the various providers, test some of them out before you start the campaign.

Use the Right Colors

You can also use colors in your emails for branding. You might think that the more colorful and eye-popping a message is, the more likely a person may be to engage with it.

However, often the opposite is true. If you pick a simple, understated color scheme, it appears more professional. It is also helpful if you use the color or colors that people have come to identify with your brand. If your website is done in a nice shade of green, for instance, then you should use that same color for your email marketing.

Keep Those Image Sizes Low

You will undoubtedly want to have some images in your email, Los Angeles companies, but restrict them to a lower size. If you include any that are too big, the email is going to take too long to load, and if someone is using their smartphone to look at it, as is probable, then they may decide to scrap the message if they get fed up with waiting for it to appear.

You don’t need to rely on an SEO company to run your email marketing campaign for you, as long as you plan your offerings out carefully and don’t send them out too often. If someone is getting mail from you more than twice a week at most, they’re going to get irritated and request to be taken off your list. Wait until you feel like you have an offer for them that they’ll appreciate, and then send it.