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Explain To Your Bosses About SEO

Explain To Your Bosses About SEO

Explain To Your Bosses About SEO

Situations sometimes come about where you’re trying to explain SEO to laypeople. That can make for interesting dinner conversation if it’s your bemused grandmother who isn’t getting a handle on deep linking and alt tags. But what if the person to whom you’re speaking is in charge of your SEO campaign budget for the next quarter, and your job performance is tied directly to your website ranking? You need to make that person understand the importance of SEO Los Angeles, and here are some ways that you can do it.

SEO Los Angeles is Critical For Your Business

Break Down The Terminology


You might have worked in SEO for so long that you’ve forgotten most people don’t know the industry jargon. Accountants get excited by spreadsheets, but if they start talking to someone outside the industry about them, that person may well be bored to tears inside of five minutes. Keep this in mind as you go into your meeting. If you’re dealing with someone who is a complete SEO beginner, either explain to them carefully each term as you introduce it, or don’t mention it at all. Discussing and defining the metrics that are important will make your target audience understand what it is you’re trying to do, and why you’re trying to do it.


Make It About The Bottom Line


Some people view SEO almost as though it was witchcraft. They don’t understand it, so they dismiss it. Part of their reason for doing so might be that it can be time-consuming working on an optimization strategy, and the results of it are not likely to be instantaneous. They take time and patience, which some company decision-makers don’t have in abundance. Without set timeframes and tangible benchmarks, convincing someone of a proper course of action can be a challenge.


Try to make what you’re saying a conversation about the big picture. Explain how a search engine like Google works, why it’s so important to get a high website ranking, and talk about sales funnels and increasing revenue over time. If the campaign you’re employing is showing positive results, have documentation of them to back up what you’re saying. If you’re starting to get your website and campaign off the ground, then show your boss an optimization campaign from a company similar to yours. Show them what the competition is doing, and what you can do to best compete with them.


Once you and your bosses are on the same page, then hopefully they will be willing to dedicate resources to optimization. Even someone who is distrustful of modern tactics will respond to hard data. Once they know the fundamental aspects of SEO, talking to them about it should get easier. In time, they may come to fully appreciate how vital optimization is as a way of advertising your business and attracting new customers to it, and your company will thrive.