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Here Are Some Factors That Drive SEO

Here Are Some Factors That Drive SEO

Here Are Some Factors That Drive SEO

If you’re a business owner or you have a website, and you’re concerned about SEO Los Angeles, then you should bear in mind several factors. Google and similar search engines want your site to have fresh, quality content for you to continue getting that ranking that you want. But what kind of material is best for ranking? We’ll talk a little bit about that in this article.

Pleasing The Google Algorithm Is Key To SEO Los Angeles

What Content Is Favored By The Algorithm?


The all-powerful Google algorithm is critical in site rankings, and you want to keep it happy, like a deity that must be appeased. In the internet’s early days, some people came up with the idea of creating sites that gathered together useful content from other sites, presenting it as their own, and then running ads on their sites to generate revenue. Some site administrators still try to do that, and if they’re very skilled, some of them are even successful. What you must remember is that Google values the original content most. Therefore, coming up with your own innovative content is always going to get positive attention from Google. If Google sees that you have funny content, or informative articles, or fantastic tutorial videos, then you’re rightly going to get those high rankings.


Who is Sharing My Content?


The other factor we wanted to mention was popularity. Back in high school, if there were lots of people around you at all times, you were perceived as being popular. Your website is the same. If you’re getting a lot of shares on social media, it’s helpful to your ranking. It’s even more helpful if some of the people sharing your content are celebrities, or experts in their fields, or people that have large followings in their own right. Some stars can mention an unknown brand once on their Twitter feed, and instantly that brand becomes renowned. That’s the way you play the game, so you must try for organic growth of your brand. Word-of-mouth is still your most prominent method of getting noticed.


Focus on these two key points, and you should be able to generate interest in your website and your brand. Popularity is what drives sales, so focus on making your site, and brand, as appealing as you possibly can to the people in your niche.