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Finding Your Digital Marketing Agency: Benefits For Auto Dealerships

Finding Your Digital Marketing Agency: Benefits For Auto Dealerships

Finding Your Digital Marketing Agency: Benefits For Auto Dealerships

Car dealerships have traditionally been on the front edge of marketing technology, but many are hesitant to use online marketing tools, or they think that having a dealer website is good enough.  Why, they wonder, are so many auto dealerships searching for the best  digital marketing agency?  How difficult can it be to keep a website updated?  A good digital marketing agency can offer much more value to your dealership than simply keeping your website updated and helping you write a few blog posts.  


How can a digital marketing agency benefit your business

Here’s a list of just a few of the benefits of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency:


Marketing, Managed

While many dealerships appoint one person to manage their digital presence (or, worse, try to spread the work around a pool of several people), this can backfire.  Properly handling SEO, social media posts, website optimization, and more requires staying up-to-date on best practices, a significant amount of online engagement, and regular, quality content creation.  All of this adds up to many hours per week, and those are hours that your staff is not engaging with customers or selling vehicles.  A good digital marketing agency can handle all these tasks for you in an efficient, professional manner, freeing your staff up to return to making money.


Is Your Dealership Mobile-Ready?

Did you know that 43% of customers use their mobile devices to look up details about a vehicle they’re considering–when they’re standing on your lot?  It’s to your advantage to ensure that your marketing emails, website, and any other online mode of connection is clean, focused, and mobile-ready.  Most dealerships know cars and are excellent at selling and servicing them.  Most dealership staff don’t have the time, however, to painstakingly go through all of a dealer’s communications and make sure they’re appropriately tagged, sized, and optimized for today’s mobile customer.  A digital marketing agency, on the other hand, is dedicated to making certain that your dealership is as professional-looking via a mobile device as it is in real life.


Is Your Website Fresh?

Excellent SEO content is one key to improving your search engine ratings, but it’s also an important way of reaching your customers.  Content can be engaging, fun, and interesting to customers, enticing them to remain longer on your site and increasing the sense of trust and relationship between the customer and your dealership.  In order to be useful, content needs to be regularly updated.  Once again, while some dealerships try to assign this job to a staff member, most staff have too many other responsibilities to regularly produce high-quality blog posts and articles.  A digital marketing agency typically employs several writers who can produce the sort of content that your website needs, without needing to pay your sales or maintenance staff for extra working hours or asking them to function outside their core competencies.


Finding The Right Digital Marketing Agency For You

So, you’re convinced: you want all these benefits for your dealership.  Where do you find a good digital marketing agency?  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Experience.  Look for a digital marketing agency that’s used to working with car dealerships and understands their unique online marketing challenges.
  • Locale.  Ideally, consider hiring a digital marketing agency from the Los Angeles area.  Orange County is a unique location, and a local agency understands the demographics and marketing much better than a big, impersonal national firm.
  • Value.  What is the marketing agency willing to give you for your money?  Make sure they can handle the aspects of online marketing that your dealership has been struggling with, such as SEO or social media management.

In the end, hiring a good digital marketing agency frees your dealership to do what it does best: connect customers with their perfect new car.  It can also relieve you of the hassle of dealing with the online world, and improve your bottom line.  And remember, if you’re having trouble finding a good agency, we’re always here to help.





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