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Five Amazing Methods To Optimize Websites With Videos

Five Amazing Methods To Optimize Websites With Videos

Five Amazing Methods To Optimize Websites With Videos


Over the years, the digital marketing agency in Los Angeles has seen a gradual increase in videos dominating the content marketing world. Many people will not argue that videos are a powerful way to pep up the audience’s experience no matter where it is deployed across the sales funnel. 

In order to make videos the go-getter of their strategies, content marketers can start an asset-conversion process, which involves transforming text and static based content into videos. 

The Los Angeles digital marketing agency says that asset conversion strategies are especially useful for websites that have very apparent low-hanging fruit opportunities. For instance, adding an explainer, brand, or welcome video to the home page, upgrading About pages with corporate culture content, and optimizing product pages with demo clips. These alterations have proven to decrease bounce rates, increase session time, boost page views, and lift conversions.  

What Are The Opportunities For video Conversions On Your Website? 

However, you don’t have to end it all there. There are several opportunities for additional website asset conversions where you are least likely to expect them. Here are five techniques that usually fall between the cracks when it comes to video optimization. 

User And Customer Reaction

To find out what your users and customer feel about your website, you can use an analytic platform that provides a lot of data on how your users found your website and what they did when they visited. However, if you want to dive deeper, it’s important to know what is of interest to visitors on a more personal level. 

You can use tools such as Survey Monkey which can help in this respect, although similar to all text-based communication tools, they are deficient in the trust-building power of direct human interaction. This is how new video-based feedback tools are becoming more of an apparently valuable tool. For instance, with videos business representatives can create personalized video messages to plead for feedback on blog posts, webinars, and events, as well as retrieve customer service questions from their audiences.

Using a communication tool lets audience members respond with videos of their own or by audio, text, or multiple-choice answer lists. Customer feedback videos are a visual feedback medium that helps marketing teams to go over and above simple data analysis and get priceless qualitative information from users’ facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. 

For instance, Amazon does not use a single video feedback system but lets customers post their feedback or review videos straight to the product pages. 

Team Biographies

The team at the digital marketing agency in Los Angeles believes that putting a human face on your brand is one of the best ways to build trust. Reorganizing or supplementing the team bios on your website should be of top priority on your video optimization list. It is an excellent way to reveal the people behind your brand since it showcases short, simple videos of team members chatting about themselves and their job roles within the company. 

There are many ways to create this kind of content such as using smartphones and webcams or using more stylish, professional productions with a descriptive b-roll demonstrating your team members at work. 


Most businesses are on the lookout for ways to enhance customer support and lessen their support ticket workload. Undeniably, market analysts think that the quality of customer experience sets brands apart and even goes beyond price when weighing in the importance of the digital age.  

With this in mind, the significance of a good FAQ cannot be blown out of proportion. FAQs provide new customers with the information they require to make a purchase decision, but they also save your team a lot of time responding to the same, simple questions and they can even improve your search rankings. 

As research shows, many users rather have a video than text in brand communication. Video passes on information that will most probably be retained compared to text communication. Altering or supplementing your FAQ answers to easy short informational videos can provide a business an upper hand compared to the text-only competition.  

Live Chat

Similar to video, live chat has materialized as a prominent and effective marketing tool. It productively reduces response time and was shown to boost customer satisfaction by twenty percent.

When you combine video into live chat, you can talk face-to-face with customers which helps to build trust because you are humanizing your service interactions. This method is especially useful for companies that want to offer a more direct and personalized demo experience for physical products or for service businesses seeking real-time consultations for potential or existing customers. 

For example, U.K. based Skoda provides one-on-one tours of their vehicle showroom, letting prospective customers view each feature they want and get their questions answered by a person in real-time. 

Thank You Pages

One more commonly underutilized website feature is the thank you pages. However, they are a crucial point of contact for developing leads by enhancing customer experience and supporting loyalty to the business’ brand. 

Some marketing analysts would go as far as to say that the thank you page is the foot in the door opportunity. Individuals who do one action such as opting into a lead magnet offer, making a purchase, or subscribing to a newsletter are more likely prepped to take the same follow-up actions when asked. 

You can use the Foot In The Door (FITD) opportunity on your website’s thank you page to request action takers to complete an extra task such as filling out a survey, follow you on social media, or use a discount code. 

So, how are videos involved with my website’s thank you page? Studies have revealed that visitors to your website are 34 times more inclined to respond to requests made in person rather than in writing. In the digital world, video is the nearest way to make that FITD follow-up opportunity face to face.  

For instance, a video marketing company has incorporated a video into its thank you reply when someone reaches out via its website about pricing.