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Follow These SEO Trends For Your Los Angeles Business

Follow These SEO Trends For Your Los Angeles Business

Follow These SEO Trends For Your Los Angeles Business


Today most of the online businesses and websites need to rethink their content marketing strategy and invest in their SEO. All websites must meet requirements by search engines, and that is where the SEO strategy plays a critical role. 

Great SEO trends never go out of style, and you need to update your website accordingly. It helps businesses and individuals have more prospective customers and leads. 

Let’s take a look at popular SEO trends for 2020 that Los Angeles SEO experts recommend.

Snippets are dominating 

Snippets dominate more search clicks today than anything else. In recent years Google has evolved to provide a better user experience through various options like featured snippets.

Snippets are commonly known as “position 0,” and they appear above in the organic results in search engines. They contain short and precise information and allow a user to understand whether the content is going to provide what they are looking for. 

When you create a snippet, you should provide answers to commonly asked questions that can drive more traffic to your website. Take advantage of this feature to gain prospective clients. Google analyzes the quality of featured snippets regularly and based on the results, those articles are boosted to the top. 

If you are not using this tool, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity. Pay attention to the featured snippet because as much as 54.68% clicks from Google originate from them. Any tool that drives more than half of search engine clicks is worth paying attention to!

Even if you are not ranking first on search engines, a featured snipped will be an excellent opportunity to generate more organic traffic. 

Leverage influencers for SEO

People are overwhelmed by the constant flow of intrusive ads, and they are looking for information they can trust. Conversion rates of authentic reviews are far more than just a random ad that pops up on your phone. It has led to the rise of influencer marketing. Companies and digital marketers are increasing their investment in influencer marketing more than ever, and they have received great results. In 2018, on average, 30% of businesses had spent between $25K and $50K on influencer marketing.

So how does investing in influencer marketing help in SEO perspectives in the first place? As a general rule, it increases your content reach and generates more traffic. It also enables you to create more backlinks and, when evaluating a web page’s ranking, Google pays attention to backlinks. 

While investing in influencer marketing, carefully develop your content strategy and how it can link back to your business — partner with the influencers who are industry leaders in your niche. A backlink from an authority figure with a strong digital presence can do magic. 

Not only can influencer marketing help boost your search engine rankings, but it can also improve brand awareness and lead generation. 

A secure website 

User safety does not seem to have any importance in regards to search engine optimization, but it has a lot to do with great user experience. The bounce rate of a website that fails to provide safe browsing is higher, and the user will leave your site quickly. A high bounce rate of your website or a single web page can badly affect the organic search ranking of your website. 

To avoid this, enable HTTPS protocol, which provides a secure connection that is both authenticated and encrypted. According to Google, an HTTP blocks any intruders from tampering with communication between a prospective user and your website. 

Great user experience is the top priority for Google, so if you implement HTTPs for your Los Angeles business, then you will have a little SEO boost. 

Quality content is more important than ever 

Today paid advertisements may drive exceptional business, but over time ads can become very expensive, let alone the fact that they do not necessarily guarantee you more leads. Statistics reveal that 91% of the paid ads are viewed for less than a second, which has wasted almost $38 billion in 2017. This is where quality content plays a large role. The best thing about quality content is it does not cost you a single penny. All it needs is an hour or two of work every single day which can reward your business in the long run. Keep your user needs in mind because they are always looking for timely, helpful, and relevant content. Plus, search engines reward websites that publish high-quality content. 

Any content that you create must be logically structured and well researched so that it is easy to navigate through. 

Any blog articles or web pages that are too focused on selling turn users off. 71% of readers claim that they were turned off just because content sounds more like a sales pitch. People are looking for educational and value-driven content such as blog posts, infographics, and videos. 

Pay attention to other search engines

Google is the most popular search engine today. It is constantly updating its platform to provide a top-notch user experience. Does this mean that no other search engine can compete with it?

Although there is less of a chance that Google will lose its popularity, it is still good to pay attention to all other search engines available. 

Along with Google, you need to optimize your website for smaller search engines like Bing, YouTube, and Amazon. 

Content optimizing plays a critical role in success, irrespective of what business are you in. Keep in mind this does not only refer to the keywords but also entrails optimizing it for users. 

Double-check if you are already using these trends for your business so that you can generate more traffic and leads. But if you still need any help with optimization services, reach out to your nearest SEO experts in Los Angeles.