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Four Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Website

Four Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Website

Four Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Website


One of the top priorities of marketers today is to get more traffic to the website. Studies show that generating traffic and having more leads account for 63% of the top marketing challenges in 2020. Therefore it is critical to keep in mind the following things to bring in more traffic to your business

Optimize Google My Business profile

Experts at SEO company Los Angeles reveal that companies receive more than thousands of views directly from their Google My Business profile. 84% of this traffic comes directly from the discovery searches, and only 16% of the traffic accounts for direct queries. 

Your GMB profile can reveal business information like offerings, hours of operation, location, and images, which makes it easier for Google to collect data and provide search results. 

Ensure it’s accuracy by updating your account regularly. It sends a strong message to Google, and your business is more likely to get ranked in search engines. According to Moz, GMB accounts for 25% of the local ranking factors, including categories, proximity, and keywords. 

Make sure you publish reviews on multiple sites

The importance of reviews dates back to a decade. Digital marketers know the importance of reviews, and publishing reviews on various sites can be a great SEO strategy. 

86% of customers check online reviews before they could make a purchase. Most of the businesses they buy from have at least 40 reviews on their business pages or official social media accounts. Previously, Moz revealed that reviews accounted for 15% of the ranking factors. These statistics suggest that the more reviews you have for your business, the better are the chances that your business will get ranked. A great tip is to encourage your customers to leave a review after they make a purchase. Ask them if they are happy to leave a review on your business profiles, or send you a handwritten note which you can display on your website under the reviews tab. 

Most of the buyers are actively looking for some great reviews. Therefore, make sure you publish all the reviews publically. Publish reviews on all major sites to increase link building and increase traffic to your website.

Optimize content for snippets 

Lately, snippets have been contributing a lot to the ranking of your website. 70.2% of the search engine results that consist of the snippets is clicked on. Experts at SEO company Los Angeles reveal that optimizing your content for snippets can do some magic and bring in more traffic than you can imagine. Secondly, search engine assistants like Google Home or Alexa heavily rely on snippets to provide an answer to any queries. Incorporate a snippet bait to your content to get the best results.

Participate in forums 

Participate in forums like Quora and Reddit to generate more backlinks to your website. Beware not to be spammy. Based on the interest, find out where your target audience hangouts and participate in those conversations by carefully linking back the value-driven content to your website. 

Experts at SEO company Los Angeles reveals that apart from generating backlinks, this strategy will help you create a lot of traffic to your website if you do this consistently. Share insights and engage relevant communities to ensure a consistent inflow of the content. 

Over the past years, there have been a lot of tactics to bring in traffic. Many marketers may claim to suggest some of the amazing tactics that can bring in a lot of traffic, but many of those strategies are just old wine in a new bottle. Almost all the strategies are the same, but the only thing that makes a difference is how consistently you implement them in your marketing plan. 

Make sure you take time to design the most viable marketing plan under budget to ensure a consistent flow of traffic to your website.