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Here Are Common SEO Services That Companies Need

Here Are Common SEO Services That Companies Need

Here Are Common SEO Services That Companies Need


Los Angeles businesses often hire SEO agencies to perform various services for them. It could be that they need a website designed from scratch, but it is equally likely that the site already exists, and what it needs is a thorough overhaul.


If you’re an SEO company and you’ve been brought in for this second reason, then it is not necessarily more challenging to rework a site than it is to create an entirely new one. However, there are common problems that you may find yourself running into, and these are some of them.


Outdated Technology


The most common theme for SEO companies in Los Angeles whose services are required is that when they take a look at a business’s website, they see that old tech is still being used.


Perhaps there is no content management system, so you cannot modify the pages without a developer. You might have some different technologies on the site that can’t communicate effectively with each other.


In the case of some older sites, they may not be set up for mobile. Some antiquated systems may not be flexible so that it is hard to add modern SEO strategies to them.


What’s to be Done?


The first thing you’ll have to do is communicate to the owner or operator of the company that wholesale changes are going to have to be made. Hopefully, they will accept this, and they will not be resistant to it.


Explain to them that the services you can provide that will be the most valuable include a complete site overhaul. You will commit yourself to presenting them with a better, modernized version of the site as quickly as you can.


You can try to implement a company culture that is receptive to improving the technology that is being used. Perhaps that might even extend to other aspects of the business besides their website.  


Each website issue can be dealt with, one at a time. You can then show the new site to the company’s ownership and explain how everything works and how it is improved. When you take it live, if you’ve done your job correctly, then you should see better engagement numbers before very long.


Competition is fierce in every niche in Los Angeles, but the SEO services that you provided should prove to be the difference in UX that will lead to more conversions.