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Should You Hire An Internet Marketing Agency or Handle Optimization In-House?

Should You Hire An Internet Marketing Agency or Handle Optimization In-House?

Should You Hire An Internet Marketing Agency or Handle Optimization In-House?

Website optimization is like an ongoing project that should never be considered finished. Part of keeping a site optimized is the continuous introduction of new content. In addition to that, a business website should always have an administrator keeping an eye on how various aspects of it are performing. You might choose to hire an internet marketing agency for this purpose, Los Angeles businesses. If you have the advertising budget for it, it will make life easier because you won’t need someone in-house to dedicate their time toward constant website tweaks. However, if you do have someone on staff who looks after your website, here’s a short list of helpful SEO tips.   


For SEO, Los Angeles Companies Rely On Internet Marketing Agencies

Better Quality and Organization


One of the better things that you can do for your site is to have consistently high-quality content on it. What constitutes high-quality content? Informative or humorous blog posts and videos are always welcome. You want to avoid a lot of obvious misspellings or grammatical errors that Google and the other search engines will view unfavorably. If you have a high bounce rate, that’s poison for your ranking. You also want your menus and all the other portions of your site to be well organized. Calls to action and other methods of obtaining customer information should be used liberally.


An SSL Certificate


Websites that have an SSL certification rank higher with Google, because they are more secure. If you can’t install the SSL certificate yourself, you should ask your host to do it for you. Once it is installed, make sure each of your pages is secure. You also want to make your URL search engine-friendly. Don’t put any symbols or letters in them. Add whatever words are needed so that humans can read them easily. Keywords and descriptive words are welcome additions.




It’s not exactly breaking news that Google still values keyword usage. Research the keywords that most appeal to your customers. You can even go on your competitors’ websites and see which keywords frequently appear there. Putting keywords in bold is an old SEO tactic, but it still works. Highlight a couple of your keywords whenever they first appear on the page.


Whether you’ve decided to hire an SEO company or you’re shouldering the task of optimization yourself, be persistent. If you slack off and neglect your website, then a drop in the rankings is the most likely outcome.