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Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Is What It Takes for Your Company to Increase Its Sales

Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Is What It Takes for Your Company to Increase Its Sales

Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Is What It Takes for Your Company to Increase Its Sales


Los Angeles companies who make most of their money through e-commerce, or a significant portion of it, are on the rise. More often these days we’re seeing a business model where there is a single brick-and-mortar location, or a couple of them, but the business has a fully interactive website into which they have put a lot of work. The idea is to encourage customers to buy through the site, and then the products or services are shipped to them.

In the first years of the internet, there was a trust factor involved with ordering things online. The notion of handing over your credit card number to a faceless entity on your computer and seemingly putting sensitive financial information at risk seemed unwise. But that was a long time ago, and since then, even those who at first were hesitant about making online purchases have come around.

The trend seems to cross every demographic, age, race, income, gender, etc. If the business model that we’re describing sounds like what your company is doing, then you’ve likely noticed the diversity of your customer base as well as an uptick in online sales.

But what if you’ve reached a juncture in the life of your business where continued expansion through your online efforts doesn’t seem to be progressing as quickly as you’d like? What if you’re still focused on e-commerce, but your marketing and optimization efforts don’t appear to be making any headway? The time has probably come to bring in a digital marketing agency to help you out, Los Angeles.

Why a Digital Marketing Agency?

You might be asking at this point “but why do I need a digital marketing agency?” There are lots of companies who feel like they shouldn’t need to hire an outside agency when they already have a perfectly good marketing department. In some cases maybe it’s the owner or operator of the business who is handling the marketing, and they’re resentful of the notion that someone else can do it better.

You need to look at the facts, the reality of the growth rate for your business. If your marketing efforts are succeeding and you’re achieving the growth in e-commerce that you want, then you probably don’t need a digital marketing agency. But how many businesses are seeing that consistent level of growth?

The reason that digital marketing agencies exist in Los Angeles and why they are experiencing such boom times is because as successful as some companies are at marketing their goods and services, they can always do better. Digital marketing agencies bring new techniques and ideas to the table about which you might not have previously been aware. They might be able to up your social media game, think of some new optimization techniques for your website, or they could increase your brand visibility with a PPC ad campaign that captures the attention of a whole new group of customers.

There are dozens of possible tasks that a Los Angeles digital marketing agency can accomplish for you, but we’re going to give you just two examples right now.

Trust Signals and Customer Testimonials

Remember how we said that at the beginning of e-commerce some people were hesitant to get on board with the whole idea? Well, even though a lot more people buy things online now, there are still some who do so infrequently, or not at all. These individuals are difficult to convert, but quite possibly they are still interested in your services and products. What can you do to convince them?

One way is for you to feature trust signals and customer testimonials on your website. Trust signals are things like professional accreditations. If your company belongs to the local Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau, your internet marketing agency can mention that prominently on your landing page. An impressive list of satisfied clients also goes a long way.

The same is going to be true of customer testimonials. If a customer leaves you some positive feedback on your website or elsewhere online, your digital marketing agency can reach out to them and ask if it’s okay for you to feature their message where others can see it. Likely they won’t have a problem with that, and if hesitant shoppers see that lots of other people like what you’re selling, it might be enough to convince them to pull out their wallets.

Honesty in Sales Copy

E-commerce is about building trust, and trust comes about when you are completely honest with your customers. You’d be surprised how many companies are dishonest regarding the things their products can supposedly do.

Your internet marketing agency can go over all of the copy on your website and make sure that you’re not engaging in any hyperbole. You might have let yourself get carried away when you were writing the descriptions of some of your products, and an outside agency may be what it takes to get you back on track.

Remember that honesty is what leads to a sterling reputation, and it is that trust in your brand on which you can trade. Fostering brand reputation is a process that is often meticulous, and a single well-publicized misstep can be disastrous. Your Los Angeles digital marketing agency can safeguard your reputation by keeping an eye on your website, your social media feeds, and everything else you put out there in the world that has your company’s name attached to it.

These are only two of the many things that an agency can do for you. The possibilities are nearly limitless. The agency can look at your market position and study your niche, then determine the best action that can get you over the hump.

There should be no limit to the sales numbers that your company can generate if you remain committed to getting better every day. That goes beyond making your products better. It should also include superior advertising and branding. How your company appears is just as critical as what it produces. No one understands that better than a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles.