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How A Digital Marketing Agency Can Tackle SEO For E-Commerce Sites

How A Digital Marketing Agency Can Tackle SEO For E-Commerce Sites

How A Digital Marketing Agency Can Tackle SEO For E-Commerce Sites


E-commerce is growing by bounds and leaps. Fewer people prefer going to retailers to shop in person when they can get the same products and order the same services online. Because of that, sites that are set up specifically for e-commerce in Los Angeles are becoming more prevalent.


For many of the companies behind these sites, it becomes necessary to hire a digital marketing agency to optimize all of the pages and streamline the buying process. If you are part of a digital marketing agency whose job it is to optimize an e-commerce site, here are a couple things you should know how to do.


The Importance of HTTPS


Safety should always be first when you’re talking about e-commerce in Los Angeles. That means that if the site you’re working on has not been set up for HTTPS, you’ll need to convert it.


HTTPS is much safer and more secure, and since you are dealing with sensitive customer information like addresses and credit card numbers, this is a must. Your SSL certificate should also be correctly implemented.


Category Pages


You can then move on to the optimization of category pages. Any digital marketing agency should be aware that category pages optimized with keywords are the ones that are going to generate a ton of traffic for e-commerce sites, so make sure that you get these right.


The most common reason that category pages fail is because of thin content. That occurs when there is more space spent on pictures of the product than on the text describing it.


You should never make this mistake, though. You need solid copy describing each product that the company has for sale. Otherwise, you are not going to get as many unique visitors who were attracted because of your keywords.


You should also try and have links to and from your category pages. That’s SEO gold. Your pages will get more attention both from Google and from site visitors that way. Los Angeles companies that hire a digital marketing agency will likely put a particular amount of emphasis on link building.


E-Commerce is going to get bigger as we kick off 2019. People who have been reluctant to get in on the trend will try it for the first time, and those who already shop online regularly in Los Angeles will continue to do so. Companies that have brick-and-mortar locations should continue to decline, and the companies that want to thrive should embrace this new business model.