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How An SEO Company Can Connect With Your Fans On Social Media

How An SEO Company Can Connect With Your Fans On Social Media

How An SEO Company Can Connect With Your Fans On Social Media


If you’ve hired an SEO company to run the social media accounts for your Los Angeles company, then you’ve probably given them instructions about the sort of content that you want them to feature. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an expert at social media, you have a general idea of the sort of messages that you want to convey.


Before handing over the reins, though, you should take some time to consider the ways that you can genuinely connect with your customers through social media outreach. These are some ways that you can be transparent with your fans, and let them into your mindset as a business.


Manufacturing Practices


There are lots of people these days, particularly amongst the younger demographics, who are preoccupied with how products are manufactured, and there’s good reason for them to be. In a time when an unprecedented amount of climate change is taking place, sustainable manufacturing practices can mean the difference in whether someone buys your products or not.


If you have sustainable production methods, Los Angeles businesses, your SEO company should go out of their way to mention that on social media. You can show how you make your products through a series of photos on Pinterest, or videos on YouTube. You can guide them through what it takes to go from the raw materials to the finished product that they can buy. They will appreciate that. It is through this kind of openness that a real connection is made.


Employment Diversity


If you have diverse hiring practices, then you should make a point of emphasizing that as well. Many potential customers will feel good about your brand if they see that your team consists of people who are of different ethnic backgrounds, sexualities, ages, etc. Diversity is something that lots of people want to get on board with, provided that you point it out in a way that does not seem contrived.


Social Issues and Politics


Talking about politics and societal issues via social media platforms can be seen as dangerous in a certain light because these topics are always contentious. However, if you feel strongly about specific issues, then you might decide that you want to talk about them via your social media. Making a declaration about what your company stands for may alienate some groups, but it is probably going to make others want to buy from you much more than if your viewpoints were ambiguous.


We live in a society where contentious issues are going to be debated in a public forum. If your company takes a stand for one position or another, then it might be the lynchpin that propels your brand into a new sphere of visibility. That’s a surefire way of getting sales.


Your Los Angeles SEO company should be aware of the potential of social media, and not just for posting frivolous things. An entire image for your company and brand can be conveyed if you choose to do so. Just be sure that you are certain of how you want to appear before you take irreversible steps in that direction.