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How Do You Know Which Digital Marketing Agency To Hire?

How Do You Know Which Digital Marketing Agency To Hire?

How Do You Know Which Digital Marketing Agency To Hire?


Los Angeles companies often reach a point where they feel like they need to hire a digital marketing agency. In these circumstances, they usually have gotten to the limits of their marketing expertise, and they need to bring in the pros.


The only problem is, how is it possible to know which digital marketing agency is the best of what’s available? You’re going to want to look at their portfolio of previous campaigns that they’ve run, and you’ll probably want to talk to some of the companies for whom they have worked in the past.


Beyond that, though, there are specific marketing and SEO services that a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles should know how to do for you. You should ask them about their experience in the following areas before you hire them.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the things that some companies are reluctant to try and tackle on their own. They do not want to run the risk of alienating their potential or existing clients with a poorly devised campaign.


Because of this, one of the things you should ask an agency you’re thinking about hiring is whether their skill set extends to this area. They should be able to work out a schedule for sending emails to the customers on your mailing list so that they do not feel overwhelmed by them.


Long-Tail Keywords


Keyword usage is always going to be a part of SEO, and that means your digital marketing agency needs to know how to find some of the ones that other sites in your niche are neglecting.


If there are people who are asking queries that are specific to your products and services, you need an agency that is using those keywords strategically in the copy on your site. They should also know how to optimize your site for voice search, since it is rapidly becoming more popular.


Use of Landing Pages


Your agency should be aware of the importance of your landing page, Los Angeles businesses. All of your site matters, but your landing page should get particular attention because that’s the first thing that your site visitors are going to see.


Therefore, it should not only be optimized for keywords, but it needs to feature a modern theme, a color scheme that works for your niche, the appropriate font, etc. Landing pages offer a glimpse of what your company is all about, and if they appear shoddy and thrown together, it’s not going to help your cause.


Los Angeles digital marketing agencies have a challenging job, but they should have the individuals on staff who can do the work for you.


Make sure that you meet the whole team who is going to be assigned to your campaign. Once you feel confident that this is the right agency for you, you want to be able to match names to faces so you can hold people accountable. Don’t ever hire an agency that farms out its work.