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How To Advertise Using Snapchat

How To Advertise Using Snapchat

How To Advertise Using Snapchat


Is it worth it to try and advertise through Snapchat, Los Angeles companies? According to a digital marketing agency to which we spoke, if you want to tap into the youth market, Snapchat can be tremendously beneficial to you. But how do you run ads through it? These are some of the best ways, according to SEO companies in the know.

Top Snap Only

These are ads that display a single piece of content at the top of a user’s feed. They are static, and they can be run as video, GIFs, or images. Keep in mind that you can’t add clickable hyperlinks to these ads, Los Angeles, but they can still be effective if they attract the eye.

Often, these sorts of ads rely on humor to get the user’s attention. The best use of these ads is probably if you’re having a sale, promotional event, or some other type of one-off promotion.

Long-Form Video

Long-form video can be up to ten minutes on the platform, which is why it’s a good place for a digital marketing agency to include calls to action. If you can make the content compelling enough, Los Angeles, then this is the sort of medium through which you can let a Snapchat user know about your company if they were not familiar with you previously. You can guide them through a tour of your facilities or show them how some of your products get made.

Web View

The web view feature is another way that your digital marketing agency can introduce your brand to users. It is similar to top snap ads in some respects. However, there’s an additional feature of which you should take note.

With web view style ads, users can swipe on the ad and go to a specific URL. The URL should presumably relate to the ad. Getting a user to go there is going to be dependent on how much interest the ad can generate.

At first glance, Snapchat might not seem to be the optimal place for ads, but there is no denying that a sizable portion of the youth market uses it, and if you can get their attention, news of a new product or service can spread like wildfire. If you are going to invest some serious money into Snapchat, Los Angeles, be sure that your ads and products are age-appropriate if you want the best return on your investment.