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How to Create Shoppable Posts To Sell More on Instagram

How to Create Shoppable Posts To Sell More on Instagram

How to Create Shoppable Posts To Sell More on Instagram


How often do people visit your site? To be successful in social media marketing, you need to rely on web traffic to increase conversions. But the question is – what if the same person doesn’t browse your website every day?

In a study of online shopping behavior in the United States, 40% of users purchase products and services online several times a month, while 20% buy them weekly.

While these numbers are encouraging, you can’t rely solely on your website to generate traffic and sales.

Take Instagram as an example. Social media companies Los Angeles reveal that it has 500 million active users every day, and about 80% of them follow business profiles.

Previously, the only way to reach out to your potential customers was through links in IG stories or links in your bio. But now, this new feature gives users the best experience so that they can buy products directly from your post.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a buyable post on the platform: 

1. Convert your Instagram to a business account

Before you can create a post on Instagram, you must first switch to a business account. Social media companies Los Angeles can help you sign up for a business account. 

If you don’t already have a business profile, you’ve missed a critical step in your account.

To switch to a business account, sign in to your Instagram profile. Access your account settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

From there, click “Switch to Business Profile.”

Switch to a business profile and sell more on Instagram. Remember that your profile must be set to “Public.” Otherwise, you cannot switch to a business profile if you set it to Private.

2. In the right country

Once you’ve switched accounts, make sure you’re in the right region. When the feature first launched, it was limited to 9 countries.

Currently, it is expanding to 46 and plans to go global. Check out Instagram posts to see if your country is eligible.

3. Update the app

Make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app. To ensure you have the updated version, go to the App Store, and go to update.

4. Sale time!

The next thing you need to do is to check if the products you sell are in line with the platform’s merchant agreement and business policy. You can sell anything tangible from art, clothes, and mugs, etc.

5. Create a product catalog on Facebook

By leveraging Facebook Business Manager, you can develop a product catalog that can be sold on Instagram.

Your directory is a file that contains a list of products that you want to sell.

Go to the Business Manager account with the Facebook page and the account linked to the Instagram account.

From there, you can develop a new directory or choose the previous list you want to use.

Open Business Manager Settings and click People and Assets. You will find the directory options. Select “+Add”.

Then click Create New Product Catalog.

Remember that you need to assign a name to the product catalog and select the product type to add to the catalog before adding the catalog to the product feed.

At this point, it’s essential to link the product catalog to the Facebook page. You must also ensure that all prices and product descriptions are accurate.

6. Wait for approval

After following the steps above, your account should be approved. Initially, your account will be reviewed by the platform before you have full access to the shopping features.

Remember to be patient, because this process can take hours, up to a few days!

Once approved, you’ll see a notification at the top of your profile. Once you receive the notification, you’ll need to add a few final touches to your Instagram profile.

Go to Instagram Settings, then click on “Business Settings” and look for “Shopping.” After clicking “Continue,” you will view the directory, which is the directory you created on Facebook.

To continue, please select this directory.

Hey! Now you can continue to tag your Instagram posts with your product.

How to tag products with Instagram Shoppable posts

Mark products with Instagram Shoppable posts to sell more on Instagram.

Once you have access to the available purchases on the platform and you have completed all the steps, it’s easy to add tags to your posts.

Once you’ve enabled the product features, you’ll now see an option that allows you to tag products on the screen. You’ll usually add titles and other relevant information to them.

Then enter the name of the product you want to tag. Select them to appear in the search box.

Once you’ve finished editing, click “Finish” to post your post.

Measuring the results of a Shoppable post

All business accounts on Instagram have access to analytics in their shopping posts, such as how many people viewed their product information or clicked on the product page.

This information is essential to understand which product (and product label) resonates with a specific audience. In this way, it is easier to determine any disconnects in the buyer’s journey.

Just like your other social media efforts, you should accurately measure data performance to understand the factors that drive the best results.

So once your business starts selling on Instagram, you must always be creative about your copy, shopping labels, and images.

As you improve your content, focusing on your Instagram analytics can help you understand what your audience wants.

It will drive more traffic and sales over time.

So there you have it! These are the basics to help you set up Instagram Shoppable posts. By following these tips by social media companies Los Angeles, you will be able to use it to increase the sales of your e-commerce products.