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How To Encourage Fan Interaction

How To Encourage Fan Interaction

How To Encourage Fan Interaction


If you have hired a Los Angeles social media agency to help you run the various profiles for your business, then likely you already understand the potential that social media has for customer interaction.


Your customers or those who follow your brand on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others do so because they’re fans of your services and products. They have bought from you already, once or multiple times, or else they are considering buying from you for the first time, but they haven’t done so yet. As such, it’s critical that you find ways to interface with them via social media and get them to engage with you.


That is the job of your Los Angeles social media agency: to figure out ways to start a conversation, both literally and figuratively, with your followers. Here are a couple of ways that they can do that.


Interactive Content


You probably didn’t enjoy taking quizzes in school, but on social media, they have become a popular go-to for brands. If your Los Angeles-based company wants to get some feedback from your followers, your social media agency should come up with a few quizzes that are quirky and fun.


The key to being successful with this technique is convincing your followers to show their quiz results publicly. That way friends can compare results and see if they agree or disagree with the assessment.


Your quizzes can be about trivial matters, or you can go the opposite direction and make them about more serious issues. It’s all about what services and products you provide, and what result you’re trying to achieve. Quizzes about things like politics are likely to spark some lively debate, but are they going to land you any sales? You might be better off formulating a quiz to determine which cartoon character each person taking it most resembles. That way you’re keeping the conversation light.


Your Best Results


Your Los Angeles social media agency should also pin your best posts to the top of your profiles. That’s because some people might take a quick look at your social profile feed if they haven’t heard of your brand or company before. If that happens, you want to put your best foot forward.


The posts at the top of your profile should therefore be the ones that did particularly well for you and got a lot of engagement and positive feedback. If someone visiting your social profile sees that some of your posts garnered a ton of shares, likes, and retweets, they’ll understand that yours is a popular brand.


The job of a Los Angeles social media agency is to present your company in the best light and to encourage your followers to take part in the conversations that you begin. Social media is a way of interacting with your fans in a way that is personal and compelling.


You can get sales from a well-targeted and executed social media strategy. The companies that are finding the most success via social media are the ones that are the most creative and the most willing to go the extra mile for their fan base.