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How to Get Targeted Followers on Twitter with Influencer Engagement

How to Get Targeted Followers on Twitter with Influencer Engagement

How to Get Targeted Followers on Twitter with Influencer Engagement


For any small business, getting more followers on platforms like Twitter is not easy. Getting relevant, targeted, and valuable followers are more difficult! However, with its great strategy social media agency Los Angeles can help you get targeted followers for your business. 

It’s not enough to follow people and hope that they will turn out to be your customers – developing a business with Twitter requires a well-planned strategy!

The influencers bring a lot of benefits to your Twitter account. They provide the necessary social support to extend the reach (and impact) of your Twitter messages and provide productive input for your activity. Plus, what we mentioned as followers’ growth? They can also help.

It’s not good to have a bunch of robots following you. As many small businesses do, buying Twitter followers to improve your numbers is not a good idea.

Getting more followers to increase your brand awareness is still valid. The follower number has a direct, measurable impact on your reach, impressions, and clicks. 

So it’s worth taking the time to increase the number of followers to make sure you get the most out of Twitter.

Identify relevant influencers

Social media agency Los Angeles suggests that knowing which influencer is key to your success for getting followers is essential.

You should prioritize the influencers associated with your goals and build a mutually beneficial relationship with them. Influential participation is not one-way, so think about what you can do for the influencer and what they can do for you.

While this may seem counter-intuitive, your industry influencers with fewer fans might help you get relevant followers effectively than the influencers with millions who follow them. 

Small level influencers are more likely to respond to your progress and thank you for your efforts to connect with them. Influencers with a great number of followers are less likely to respond to you.

Once you’ve identified potential influencers, check out their previous tweets, blog posts, and their fans before deciding to establish a relationship with them.

Build relationships

Influencers will not just help you get more Twitter fans, but you can build a long term business relationship. You first need to make a valuable relationship with influential people and then let them help you get more Twitter fans.

You may be nervous about building relationships with influential people – often with the influentials who have 10,000 fans. Think about why would they want to hear from you?

The truth is that they want to hear from you. People want to build relationships. Never be afraid to connect with influencers – encourage them, comment on what they share, and participate in their ideas.

The last thing – never misuse your influencers marketing. Influencers are valuable personal and professional resources for you, don’t abuse them. 

3 tips to get Twitter fans through influencers 

Once you identify the relevant influencers and build meaningful relationships with them, you can focus on helping them develop your followers.

1. Familiar with your Twitter list

The Twitter list offers an excellent opportunity to develop your Twitter followers. Once you have identified the relevant influencers, you want to build a relationship with, go to their list and follow everyone there.

Create a private list and add everyone to the list of influencers – don’t worry; if the list is private, they won’t be notified. 

When you enter this list view, you will be able to see what these people are talking about on Twitter – now you have the opportunity to participate in the conversation. Consistently share relevant content, join in discussions, or give you two cents. If your intervention is valuable, you will get new fans.

2. Ask influential people to recommend you to their Twitter fans

If you have already identified your influencers, their fans will be very relevant to you and your business. So why not ask for recommendations to those fans in the tweet? A simple “Hey, you must pay attention to @YourProfile” from influential people can get dozens of new, related followers.

For this reason, you cannot automate this process. Don’t just send a tweet to a group of influential people asking if anyone wants to recommend you. Pro-tip: No one likes to feel like a number.

Consider completing the conversation via Twitter, email, or at least DM. Back up your shouting requests and prove your follow-up value – the content you share, the reviews you provide, your Twitter superpower. You have one.

3. Have a special influence on other platforms and ask them to send a tweet

The top of the funnel blog content is a great way to expand your Twitter reach through influencers. First, create a simple list of industry influencers on Twitter or the best industry quotes this week. 

Push your content back to your influencers. You can also ask them to share.

You will likely get some new followers, or maybe some blog traffic! Twitter master Mark Schaefer has done an excellent case study – go check it out, if you have some time. 

Getting new Twitter fans will never be easy. Creating an attractive, valuable community takes time and attention, and building relationships with influential people is not a shortcut to large-scale Twitter followers.

But there are still many ways to maximize influencer relationship and benefit your followers. Use social media management tools by social media agency Los Angeles to identify relevant influencers, build trust, ask for promotions and cross-platform pollination to convince influential people to help you get more fans. Give it a try!