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How To Increase Click-Through Rate And Dwell Time

How To Increase Click-Through Rate And Dwell Time

How To Increase Click-Through Rate And Dwell Time


If you’ve hired a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles for your business, then your intention might be for them to optimize your website. If that’s the case, then you’re likely looking for more visitors, more social media subscribers, and more sales. But how to get them? It’s all about ranking highly with Google, and to do so, your SEO agency will need to understand all about dwell time and click-through rates.


RankBrain Factors


RankBrain is what Google is using right now to determine where your website is going to land in the SERPs, so your agency needs to know what they can do with your site so that this algorithm judges it favorably.


Dwell Time


RankBrain is mostly interested in two things: dwell time and click-through rate. Dwell time is the length of time that a user spends on your site. The typical dwell time for a top ten Google result these days is a little over 3 minutes.


If you’re trying to show positive increases in your sales numbers, etc., then your Los Angeles digital marketing agency should have that as a goal. They must attempt to set up your website so that people want to stay on there for at least 3 minutes. That means that your graphics are going to have to be gripping. Your videos will have to be fascinating, and your products must ultimately be of interest to the visitor.


Click-Through Rate


Click-through rate, or CTR, is the other determining factor on which RankBrain focuses. It refers to how many people are clicking on the search result that leads them to your website. Dwell time never occurs if a searcher doesn’t click on the results corresponding to your site.


Because of this correlation, your digital marketing agency must focus on how your search engine result appears as well. It’s not as though what shows up with Google is going to be a random string of letters, numbers, and symbols. It can be customized and optimized in such a way that it is hopefully going to be appealing to a broad range of searchers in your niche.


If the search results that will lead Google users to your site seem to be what they are looking for, then that will lead to a high click-through rate, so that’s one of the two ways that you’ll maintain a high SERP ranking. Then you need your landing page and your other website pages to be optimized so that the people will stay there and you’ll get sales and a higher dwell time.


That’s it right there: the winning formula to succeeding in the modern era with your website. If you regard Google and RankBrain as your partners and keep them happy, then your business will succeed. If you alienate them because you feel like you shouldn’t have to craft your search results and your website to please them, then you’re only hurting yourself, Los Angeles.