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How To Make Facebook A Part Of Your Social Media Strategy

How To Make Facebook A Part Of Your Social Media Strategy

How To Make Facebook A Part Of Your Social Media Strategy


If you’re setting up the social media accounts for your Los Angeles business, or if you’re trying to optimize the ones you already have, then more than likely Facebook is going to figure into your strategy in some way.


Because of the number of people who use the platform, you can’t discount it, and there are many ways to try and get people interested in your posts. Here are a few of the ones that you can try.


No Sales Pitches


Your first idea might be to try for some straightforward sales pitches of your products,  Los Angeles, but that’s probably not the best way to raise those engagement numbers.


Instead, your aim should be to create posts that improve the lives of your would-be customers. You can educate them about something that interests them, or else you can make them laugh and smile. People appreciate irreverence. It brightens their days.


Get to Know Your Audience


To have a better idea of what kind of content you should be creating, you’ll need to study your audience. Try to get an idea of the needs and wants of your followers by keeping an eye on the kinds of things that they post, and the nature of their comments.


You can also utilize Facebook Page Insights. It’s a tool that helps you break down the kinds of content that your followers like, and the kinds of things that they are posting. By looking at it, you can determine whether your followers might respond to posts about current events, environmental issues, or whatever else.


Keep Your Messages Short


You also don’t want to be posting huge blocks of text. That’s true of Facebook, but it’s also true of all forms of social media. People tend to scroll quickly through news feeds, grabbing and digesting headlines with great rapidity. You should try to come up with posts that follow this format.


You can have longer articles and blogs on your website, but if you want to increase your engagement numbers, you need to make things concise and word them carefully. Be sure to get your message across without being long-winded about it.


Facebook’s overall engagement numbers may have dropped somewhat because of privacy concerns, but millions of people still use it every day, and many of them have disposable income. You need to try and tap into that market. Engagement is what leads to brand recognition, and eventually, sales.