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How to Maximize Email Marketing Success

How to Maximize Email Marketing Success

How to Maximize Email Marketing Success


The number of people around the world using email is increasing every year, and is expected to reach 4.3 billion users by the year 2022. A handful of these people are a part of your business’s target audience and can be effectively reached with strategic email marketing tactics set into place. The email design, style and content are the most important aspects that are going to decide how long someone spends looking at the email and if any conversions were made. A Los Angeles social media agency, like Drive Traffic Media, can ensure your email marketing tactics tailor to your target audience and will maximize your conversions. 

Designing Your Email

First impressions are everything when it comes to a recipient clicking on an email and actually staying there. An email could be appealing for several reasons, some of which are design issues, too much content, or not enough content. Correctly designing the email is so important because it interests recipients as their first impression and keeps them on the page longer. When designing the email, you must also make sure the colors, style, and word choice reflects the brand’s personality.

The Subject Line

Your subject line is one of the first impressions a receiver will have about the email. This is the first thing they will see, and the subject line has a huge impact on whether not the receiver will even open the email. A subject line should be attention-grabbing, offer value, and provide a very short summary of the context of the email. 


The headline is a preview for what is actually inside the email, and it will provide a little bit of information before the receiver opens the email. This must also be highly attention-grabbing because it is the second thing a receiver will see. This is the last chance to convince the receiver to open the email, so it must be creative, informative and eye-catching. 

Keep it Simple

People rarely want to sit down and read a heavy email with lots of text. An email should be fun, inviting and simple. Use as few words as possible to get the message across that you are trying to say. Using lots of heavy text in an email can bore receivers and is more likely to cause them to click away without finishing the email.  

Stay on Brand

Never stray away from your brand’s personality when it comes to email design. If the receiver knows the brand, the email should have a familiar style and voice. To stay on brand, make sure the written text aligns with the tone used in other marketing materials like social media and the brand’s website. Make sure the fonts and color scheme used in the email are consistent with all other content the brand has produced. Additionally, make sure to include a call to action such as links to the website or social media accounts.


Make sure that every email sent out is personalized for that specific recipient. That means including their name in the email. This will make the recipient feel as if they are a valued member of the brand’s community, and increases the likelihood that they will stay subscribed.

If your business struggles with email marketing, consult a Los Angeles social media agency, like Drive Traffic Media, to help your business achieve email marketing success.  Our team of creative experts will make sure your email’s design appeals directly to your target audience.