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How to Pick Memorable Social Media Images for Your Company

How to Pick Memorable Social Media Images for Your Company

How to Pick Memorable Social Media Images for Your Company


You know the old line about a picture being worth a thousand words, Los Angeles? Well, analytics data seems to indicate that’s the case, at least as it relates to images on your website and social media channels. Regardless of what platform you’re using, a post with a picture or a video tends to get more engagement, and the same is true for the web pages where a visual element is integrated.

But what makes a picture perfect for one of your social media platforms? Is there some formula to follow in terms of what images people like more than others? Let’s take a couple minutes to break down the conventional thinking regarding visuals in social media.

How Many Images Do You Need?

As your Los Angeles company starts to get some images together to feature on your social media accounts, you might be wondering how many you need to produce. Is there some number that will get you more engagement?

There doesn’t appear to be any set number that’s perfect for each social media platform, like every third tweet that you send out should be an image, or every second Facebook post should include visual content. Your best move in this regard is to look at what type of material you’re producing, your audience, and the topic in question. Try to decide based on those factors.

No Stock Photos

The next rule that you need to follow is to avoid stock images for your social media feeds. They might seem ideal: crystal-clear, with one for every keyword or occasion. The problem is that they feel generic, and experienced social media users in Los Angeles are likely to be able to identify them for exactly what they are.

If you can produce your own photos and videos, they will look and feel authentic, and that’s part of what your followers will be looking for, that sense of originality. Try to feature your logo and products in the photos, but do so in a way that doesn’t seem too staged.

Tutorials, Walkthroughs, and Screenshots

What many Los Angeles customers are looking for is a peek behind the scenes into how your company operates, a candid one-on-one with your employees. Memorable content is often videos and images that feature your products, services, or physical location in a way that allows potential customers to form an emotional connection with your brand.

You’ll have to get creative with it. There’s no telling what image or video is going to go viral, but you have the best chance if you strive for originality and to convey a sense of fun that’s consistent with the tone you want to set as part of your brand identity. Walkthroughs, tutorials, and screenshots that seem spontaneous or casual have met with a lot of success lately, so that’s a route you may wish to take.

Images are the key to increasing your website visitors and followers via your various social media platforms, Los Angeles, so you need to focus on this area if your numbers are lagging. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not finding instant success. Just keep an eye on the analytics and try to figure out what your followers are responding to and what they don’t seem to care about as much in the visual realm.