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How To Quickly Increase ROI With Facebook Ads Automation

How To Quickly Increase ROI With Facebook Ads Automation

How To Quickly Increase ROI With Facebook Ads Automation


Facebook ads automation according to a Los Angeles social media agency has an average clickthrough rate (CTR) of 0.9%. Over 93% of digital advertisers use Facebook to promote products and services, and almost everyone is struggling for customer attention.

Facebook is crowded, but the good news is it has 26% users who clicked on an ad to make a purchase.

Now, this is intriguing!

As a digital advertiser, your challenge is to optimize your campaigns so that more people click and more people buy, thereby increasing your return on investment.

What’s the secret for sustainable ad optimization and higher ROI? It’s Facebook Ads automation!

Let’s find out why should you care about Facebook advertising automation for your social media marketing agency in Los Angeles.

As with any marketing channel, automating Facebook ads is a matter of time. Smart automation can make you spend 70-80% of your time optimizing your campaigns.

How do you spend your extra hours a week?

Let’s say you spend an hour on optimization every weekday. On the low end, it will be 3.5 hours per week, and you will have it back in your calendar if you automate the ads.

Not to mention, automated tools can achieve better results using the opportunities that are buried under data. 

Cool thing, yeah? So far, not many Facebook advertisers have used automation. You can still be one of the pioneers.

What is Facebook Advertising Automation?

Well, it sounds a lot like its a technique that does not require manual intervention when optimizing Facebook campaigns.

With Facebook ad automation, you can:

  • Optimize budgets between campaigns to maximize performance.
  • Automatically increase the budget when performance is high.
  • Schedule ad sets for the best publishing time.
  • Create rules to pause poorly performing ads. 
  • Analyze performance with meaningful (you guessed it) automatically generated reports.

That sounds exciting, but how do you use Facebook ad automation to do these things?

Let’s have an in-depth look at how Facebook Advertising Automation works according to the social media agency in Los Angeles.

Optimize campaign variables through automation

Many Facebook advertisers underestimate how many campaign variables need to be optimized to ensure high performance.

To give you an idea of ​​your final optimization performance, here are the variables that can affect your campaign performance:

  • Budget
  • Bidding
  • schedule
  • Audience (age, gender, hobbies, location, etc.)
  • Creative
  • Main text
  • title
  • URL
  • Call for action
  • link preview
  • login page
  • Ad Format
  • Placement

Of course, each of these variables slightly varies from one another macro variable. For example, is the main text added long or short? Will you include emoji? Which emojis will you use?

To test manually, iterate, and optimize each of these variables, it is … almost impossible. With automated tools, you can improve most of these elements effortlessly.

For example, your daily budget is a crucial variable to optimize. Ideally, you can start building an ad set on a smaller budget until each ad receives enough impressions and clicks from making reasonable assumptions about its performance.

If one ad doesn’t seem to perform as well as others in the early stages of your campaign, you need to increase your budget as quickly as possible to accommodate the “new car smell” wave of new ad concentration.

On the other hand, you need to reduce the budget of poorly performing ads to avoid wasting money.

Facebook ad automation fails

As with any form of automation, some failures will occur. When you cancel manual intervention, you lose your intuition. There is a higher chance of over-optimization based on pure numbers, such as lack of brand consistency or targeting audiences that are not your ideal customers.

So I say that automation can save you 70-80% of your time, not 100%. You shouldn’t set up any automation tool and expect it to do your work for you.

Of course, it will optimize the movement better than anyone just because machines can process numbers faster than we do. But it still needs interpretation and intuition based on the expertise you have in the industry.

So instead of creating Facebook ad automation and forget about it, create automation rules to save a lot of time, but still allow you to make strategic decisions about your campaigns.

Be patient and trust the process

One big mistake people make when using Facebook ads is changing things too quickly. When the budget runs out, and the number of conversions does not increase, they expect immediate results and panic.

The truth is that the Facebook campaign takes time to mature. It would be best if you are patient so that your campaign attracts enough people to respond based on the least amount of data.

This is the beauty of Facebook advertising automation. Machines are functioned to make decisions on the bases of data, not on human emotions. After setting the rules, based on the logic optimization of the activity, you can trust that the event will be adjusted accordingly.

Your automation tool doesn’t make unsolicited decisions, but it works based on data. Are you ready to start using Facebook Advertising Automation?