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How To Soften Your SEO Strategy During COVID-19

How To Soften Your SEO Strategy During COVID-19

How To Soften Your SEO Strategy During COVID-19


Whether you have already planned out your content strategy for 2020 or you are still thinking of coming up with the best content plan, SEO services provided by Drive Traffic Media in Los Angeles suggests you should include trending topics to stay ahead of the competition. While the whole world is suffering from a health emergency, it is critical to include the trends about COVID-19 in your data which will help sustain your organic traffic. 

Without further ado, let’s dig deep into the five significant aspects that the providers of SEO services in Los Angeles recommend. 

Your website should contain a page about COVID-19

The search engine results have significantly changed since the health emergency in 2020. Your website should contain a page about COVID-19. Make sure you upload all the relevant updates about COVID-19 so that it will sustain some traffic loss. Please include anything your business or company is doing to cope up with the current pandemic. For example, you can mention how a specific portion of your sales is going to contribute to the relief efforts of your government. 

Find some new topics to talk about 

If you want to capture traffic during this pandemic, find trending topics that are associated with COVID-19. For example, you can talk about how artificial intelligence and machine learning is going to help cope up with this health emergency. If you find the right topic to create content at the right time, then people will be more likely to land on your website. 

Google trends 

Dig deeper into the Google trends and keep an eye on what’s coming next. Google trends is a great way to understand the behavior of searchers and in-trend topics. They give you data and traffic trends daily. You can use some great tools like Google Keyword Planner as well, however, this one provides you monthly trends. If you use Google Trends to find real-time data, it will help you leverage the trends for an incredible content creation strategy. 

Use platforms like Exploding Topics

One of the great ways to stay ahead of the competition is to have comprehensive data on what’s trending on the web. For example, you can use Exploding Topics to formulate emerging topics based on the conversions and web. The great news is, you can drill it down to your specific industry and time. Once you can collect data about your particular niche, then you can use Google search to find all the relevant queries to it. The content plan that you will come up with will never fail. It will be one of the informational and transactional content, which will sure to bring some conversions. 

Work on conversions

As you focus on incorporating some new topics into our content strategy, make sure you test, test, and test over again before you could launch your content plan. Once you do the A/B testing, you can actively work on converting traffic into customers. Have a clear idea about what keywords are going to work the best for you. Use keyword search tools to identify a specific set of keywords for each page. Keyword relevancy plays a critical role in avoiding a higher bounce rate. 

To improve your search engine results, identify the friction points that can better help you with conversions. When you do the testing, pay closer attention to what parts of the contribute to enhancing the overall UX so that it is easier for you to generate leads. 

Times have already changed a lot. The traditional content strategy is not going to help us anymore. Businesses need to refocus on the trends today, but with more in-depth insights. If you stay aligned with the trends, it’s less likely that you will lose the organic traffic. Staying in the trend will also help you stay relevant. 

The provider of SEO services in Los Angeles emphasizes you to focus on the latest trends for a successful content marketing strategy. Have you already included COVID-19 trends into your content strategy? Let us know.