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How To Tap The Potential Of Pinterest

How To Tap The Potential Of Pinterest

How To Tap The Potential Of Pinterest


Pinterest is somewhat of an advertising enigma. Los Angeles businesses who hire an SEO company sometimes choose to use it, but often they avoid it because they feel like it doesn’t reach a wide enough audience.


While it is true that Pinterest doesn’t see the overall engagement numbers of a platform like Facebook, what these companies fail to acknowledge is how dedicated its users are. If you can capture the attention of a Pinterest user and make them a fan of your brand, then getting repeat business from them is almost guaranteed.


Because of that, we thought we’d take a few moments to talk about how your Los Angeles SEO company can get you started with Pinterest, an underappreciated social media platform.


Appealing Cover Photos


When you are creating a Pinterest board for your brand, you’ll want colorful, artistic, provocative images. Creating cover photos is a way for you to tell a story about your brand: who you are, and what you represent. Perhaps these images will also convey where you came from, and the lifestyle you are trying to promote.


Think about the pictures used by Land’s End or Abercrombie and Fitch. They’re iconic, aren’t they? These are companies that have mastered the art of using images to capture a particular mood. You should strive to do the same for your business, and your SEO agency can present them as cover photos.


Long Images


When it comes to Pinterest, Los Angeles, it is better to be a rectangle than a square. You can capture the attention of browsing users by presenting some of your images in that distinct rectangular format. Tall images are eye-catching. Probably that is because it’s easier to scroll vertically using Pinterest than horizontally.


As your SEO company creates your boards, have them play around with the format for the pictures to try and figure out the best presentation of them. You need to find an agency who have some people with an artistic eye on staff.


Pinterest can be like a profitable art project for your brand. People go there looking to be inspired, to be captivated, perhaps even to be shocked or stunned by what they are seeing.


If you can come up with one genuinely majestic shot, it can change your entire business if it goes viral. That is why the SEO company that is going to do you the most good will be the one with some great photographers on staff as well as some social media gurus.


As you’re getting ready to make your hiring choice, be sure that you’ve found the agency that has both the creativity and the pragmatism for which you are looking. You’ll need both if you’re going to take control of your niche.