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How To Use Social Media to Maximize Your SEO Strategy

How To Use Social Media to Maximize Your SEO Strategy

How To Use Social Media to Maximize Your SEO Strategy


Social media has become a necessity for most businesses today. If your business has a social media presence, you will surely get noticed more – it’s that simple. This is because social media has become an essential part of people’s lives. 

If you are not using it for your business, then you are missing out on so many things. According to the Los Angeles social media agency, most of the industries use it today to boost conversions and generate leads. On the other hand, those who have not included a social media strategy are also behind the curve. Each social media platform has a plethora of opportunities that can contribute to your SEO strategy. 

Below is a rundown of all the social media platforms suggested by the Los Angeles social media agency and how they can boost your SEO ranking. Be it links, likes, tweets, or other social media engagement, any activity on your social media platform can contribute to your business. 

Social media and SEO 

Social media is an SEO factor – it’s a no brainer. It means that Google pays attention to your social media presence when calculating the ranking factors. Given this, if you have millions of followers on social media, Google will get your business ranked based on that. Also, it is essential to know how to use your social media so that it can support your SEO strategy. One such example is how many people see your content is directly proportional to how many backlinks you will get. If someone sees your content, they might link back to it. Each social media platform provides you a huge space where you can disseminate content as much as possible. If you are lucky enough to get some high authority backlinks, it will boost your SEO. 

It is an even more straightforward explanation of how higher views on your social media can help you with your SEO strategy.  If you have a lot more views on social media, then you will have more links, and chances are you’ll get ranked for a specific keyword. 

Using LinkedIn for SEO

LinkedIn is one of the major social media platforms that need attention. If you already have a LinkedIn business profile, great! If you don’t have it, it’s time to build a LinkedIn business account and use this platform efficiently. The first step is to showcase all the services or the products that you provide to your target market. Make sure you have relevant connections on Linkedin. The more relevant they are, the better the chances that this platform will contribute to your SEO strategy. 

Building relevant connections is the first step to grow your LinkedIn business account. Use a search bar to find the relevant connections by interesting, relevant keywords. If you have a tour and travel agency, make sure you use associated terms, and people or businesses who are in the same industry. Craft a customized welcome message and send it along with the connection request. It depicts professionalism and sends out a great message to the receiver. 

Once you have enough connections, then you can share your blog content on LinkedIn. The good thing about LinkedIn, most of the connections that you get will be professionals, which means if you add a more professional tone to each blog content you share, you will get more engagement. If your reader and followers like the content, they might share it with their connections or link back to your posts, which can help you get more backlinks. As mentioned earlier in this article, the more backlinks you have, the better are the chances that you will have a higher ranking in search engines. 

Last but not least, anything you do on LinkedIn should serve a purpose and make sure you do everything consistently, which is critical for long-run success. 

Can Twitter contribute to its SEO

Although every social media platform provides your social media strategy in one way or the other, Twitter might not help you like Linkedin. Your following won’t be as professional or focused as it is with LinkedIn. 

On average, Twitter has almost 330 million active users. To make the best out of this social media platform, however, create catchy tweets, and share them with the eye-catching graphics. Whatever you do, make sure the content is good, and it must add value. Keep in mind, you need to pitch the content directly according to the interest of the audience. 

Whether you would like to get leads, following, or the increased engagement, anything is possible to create great content. With the top-class content produced, you can grab the audience’s attention. Create a tweet that can help your follower take a pause before he scrolls down further. If you create great content, you will enjoy a great number of followers, tweets, and retweets in a short period. Use tools like Quuu Promote or Viral Content Bee that can help you boost the reach of your content. 

Social media following and engagement are not SEO ranking factor, but it contributes to your ranking in a variety of other ways. Get a social media strategy ready for your business in 2020 with the help of the Los Angeles social media agency like Drive Traffic Media and enjoy the opportunities these platforms have to offer. Call us at (310) 341-3939 today.