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How Your Social Media Agency Can Help You Find Your Audience

How Your Social Media Agency Can Help You Find Your Audience

How Your Social Media Agency Can Help You Find Your Audience


Some Los Angeles businesses think that they can forego getting a social media agency to help them with their marketing efforts. They feel like this social media thing can’t possibly be that difficult, so why not save some money and do it themselves?


The reality is that setting up social media accounts is not difficult at all, which is why every twelve-year-old has an active presence across multiple platforms. There are also hundreds of different tools that can help you plan your posting schedule throughout the week for your various social media feeds.


Where it becomes so critical for businesses to hire a social media agency is when they’re a few months into the process, and they’re not getting the number of followers or conversions that they’d like. At this point, they’ve probably spent money on advertising, and they’ve spent quite a bit of time setting up the platforms, curating the content, and figuring out how to post it. They’re probably frustrated. What went wrong?


The Experience Edge


Almost inevitably, the difference between hiring a Los Angeles social media agency and trying to make a go of it on your own is the experience difference.


It’s one thing to set up some social media accounts, but if you didn’t take the time to do the market research, you might have failed to even correctly identify the platforms where your likeliest customers are spending their time.


For instance, if you’re focused on Facebook, but all of your customer base is on Instagram, then you’re not going to get the numbers you’ve been wanting, and no amount of money spent on advertising is going to make a difference till you change your strategy.


If you had gone to a social media agency to begin with, they would have known where the demographic for your niche likes to spend their time.


The Right Kind of Content


You can also quickly learn how to post content on different social media platforms, but how do you know that it’s the right kind of material?


The messages that you post, the pictures, and the videos, all need to send the right message about your brand and products. If that is not the case, it might be worse than you not getting any customers. You could be driving potential customers away because of the choices that you’re making.


When Los Angeles businesses decide not to hire a social media agency to help them grow, it might work out for them. They’ll need to have a team on staff who either knows as much about social media marketing as a fully-functioning agency, or else they’re able to learn very quickly.


If your company does not take the time to do the research before leaping into the deep waters of social media advertising, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. You can end up wasting time, money, and turning off many potential clients.


Social media should not be regarded as “easy.” It is a challenging medium to master, and each different platform requires a different strategy. You can try to learn about it yourself, but you should at least consider whether bringing in a social media agency makes more sense.