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Why Improving Bounce Rate Matters to SEO

Why Improving Bounce Rate Matters to SEO

Why Improving Bounce Rate Matters to SEO

Search engines don’t like a high bounce rate for any website. They interpret it to mean that those who have seen a landing page and quickly moved on didn’t find what they were looking for, as is often the case. Many Los Angeles businesses who have hired an internet marketing agency cited reducing their bounce rate as the reason for it. SEO means going over every aspect of your site and making it better. Getting your bounce rate down should be one of the effects of such a retooling, and here are some proven ways to make it happen.

For SEO, Los Angeles, It Pays To Hire A Professional Internet Marketing Agency

Page Load Time and Functionality


If you make a user wait more than three seconds or so, it likely means they’ll move on, and you’ve just lost yourself a customer. Poor UX is the opposite of SEO, and your Los Angeles-based business will suffer if you can’t get your pages to load quickly. Do everything possible to speed up page loading. Google analytics tools will help. Functionality is a similar concern. A user came to your site for a reason; most likely they’re looking for a product or service, or they want a question answered. Make it simple for them. There should be easy-to-read drop-down menus, and a visible search bar if what they want isn’t immediately within sight. Everyone appreciates ease of use.


A Well-Designed Site Established Trust


Imagine if you went to a website for a company that you had never heard of before. How would you feel if the site didn’t load properly, it wasn’t easy to find things, the layout and design were outdated, and there were lots of 404-error messages? You probably would go out of your way to avoid that company in the future. When you design your website, you want to make sure that it is aesthetically appealing, using a modern design that indicates your company is fully engaged in current trends. You need to have it set up in an intuitive way so that the location of the content for which a visitor is searching is extremely obvious. All of this is great for optimization. Your bounce rate is sure to be reduced if you or your internet marketing agency overhauls your site with these objectives in mind.


Make sure that whoever is going over your site and checking it for ease of use, aesthetic appeal, etcetera, is excellent at their job. This isn’t something you can afford to gloss over, whether you’re using an internet marketing agency or somebody in-house. Los Angeles businesses always have plenty of competition. Make sure your brand stands out in a good way.