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How To Increase Your Sales Through Instagram

How To Increase Your Sales Through Instagram

How To Increase Your Sales Through Instagram


Instagram presents somewhat of a conundrum when it comes to marketing and sales. Many Los Angeles businesses realize that it’s popular and want to take advantage of it when they launch their social media campaigns. The problem is that they’re not sure exactly how to monetize that popularity. Making money through Instagram ads is a little trickier that through Facebook or some other platforms. But it is still very much doable, and it’s worth pursuing. That’s because a very high percentage of Instagram users go to the platform with the intention of buying something. This is how to most effectively use Instagram for marketing, Los Angeles.


Target Your Audience


You first need to figure out your marketing objective. Are you trying to drive awareness of your products? Are you looking for video views and website clicks? Or are you only concerned with increasing your conversions? Once you’ve figured that out, you can go to some tried-and-true social media sales strategies.


The best one is to not go for the conversion right off the bat, because if someone has not heard of your company before, there may be a fear factor because you are not yet a brand that they trust. You’re likely better off trying to get this new client that you’re wooing to sign up for a newsletter or something equivalent to that. It’s less of a commitment. Convincing them to install an app is also a suitable way to start the relationship.


Test Your Creativity


Instagram is all about creating images that appeal to different demographics. Once you have determined your goals, whether they are conversions, increased site views, or whatever else, you need to take the pictures that are going to appear on your feed. One of the features that is unique to Instagram is that you can add a Like2Buy link to any image. That’s a convenient, easy way to get sales, Los Angeles. If you’re a clothing company, someone can buy a pair of your jeans with this single, easy step.


You Can Leverage Influencers


You can also use the social media technique of leveraging brand influencers. Try BrandSnob, where you swipe through influencers and look at their profiles. Then you can strike up a conversation with them and negotiate for their services. You can pay them cash, or you can give them samples of your products. Either way, it’s worthwhile to do because people tend to trust their peers over brand messages, especially if those messages are from a company that they have never heard of before.


If you follow these steps, Los Angeles, you’ll see that using Instagram is not as puzzling as you might have feared. It’s about locating your audience and reaching out to them, the same formula as with any social media platform.